Disability Scholarships for Deaf Students


Deaf Scholarships

Today there are more disability scholarships for deaf students than most people realize. The ability to have a solid education in spite of loss of hearing is still possible. One of the best deaf scholarships is the Alexander Graham Bell Association program. Applications are taken on November 1st each year, and they will only accept the first 500 applications so it is very important to get it in immediately when that deadline rolls around. Each applicant that meets all of the requirements, up to the first 500 annually, will receive $1,000 for college. The level of hearing loss for the applicant must be 60dB or greater. Applicants may be deaf from birth or have a significant hearing impairment that they developed later in life. All applicants must rely on the use of speech and residual hearing or speech reading as their means of effectively communicating. They may already be accepted to or enrolled as a full time student at an accredited college that has programs for students with regular hearing capacity.

The Alan B. and Florence B. Crammattee Fellowship are deaf scholarships you may be interested in. This disability scholarship is for students that are going to pursue a business related field in an accredited university for individuals that hear normally. These scholarships for deaf are only offered to those that have been accepted into a graduate program. Preference is given to those with a hearing impairment that have a master’s degree and who are seeking to complete their doctorate. A high GPA is also taken into consideration as well as community involvement. Applications are taken from January 1st through April 20th. Two scholarships are offered annually for the amount of $5,000 each. These hearing impaired scholarships can be renewed for a period up to four years. For a renewal, the student must continue to be a full time student and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Another of the great scholarships for deaf students is only for women seeking a doctorate. This is the IADES Fellowship Award. One woman will receive the disabled scholarship annually, and it will pay for the tuition and books for the following academic year. They must have at least 12 or more credits and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applications for this scholarship are taken from January 15th through April 15th.

The Minnie Pearl Scholarship Program offers hearing impaired scholarships to those that show they are exceptional students. Minnie Pearl was a delightful performer at the Grand Ole Opry. Applicants have to show they are leaders, doing well academically, and that they are interested in completing their college education.

Students have to complete an essay about how they have been able to achieve their goals with hearing loss. There are 14 students that will receive these deaf scholarships annually. Each recipient will receive $2,000. They must be a high school senior with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, significant hearing loss, and a citizen of the USA. Applications are taken from November 15th through February 15th.

Sertoma International Scholarships are available for those that are deaf or hard of hearing and interested in completing their four year degree. Each year they offer 13 disability scholarships of $1,000 each. Students must be a citizen of either the USA or Canada to be eligible. Applicants to these scholarships for deaf students must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher, entering a four year college that is accredited, and have experienced significant hearing loss. Applications are taken from December 15th through May 2nd.

Any of these deaf scholarships for students can make it possible for you to continue your education. Today’s technology makes it possible for accommodations to be made in the learning environment for those that have hearing loss, so don’t let such a situation hold you back from the future you want for yourself.

Hard of hearing scholarships can help you to pay for your education and to be able to enjoy a program at any accredited college that you are eligible for.



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26 Responses

  1. Ajong Grald says:

    Im deaf Cameroonian aged 28 and hoping to acquire sound education-professionally as a teacher of deaf children.Hold a high school certificate and part time teacher of deaf children for the past 3years .
    Hence I need a scholarship to go in for a Bachelor of .Education at University or college level

  2. admin says:

    One reader wrote to us and asked: Hi My name is Unique McCathern, and I am a 17 year-old deaf and hard of hearing Senior that is looking for a college that not only has my interest but also can accept my disabilities and help me succeed. I need to about the information I need to get a scholarship to get into a good college that can accept me but also has what I want.

  3. admin says:


    your first step is to find out what grants you’re eligible for. Filling out a FAFSA will tell you. Go also to high school scholarships for seniors to see what you can apply to now. Then speak to the FinAid office at the college you are interested in attending to see what disability scholarships are available. Also check out this list of scholarships too.

  4. Nicholas says:

    I’m deaf and high school graduate in Ghana. I wish to apply for scholarship to further my education in one of the universities in the united states. Do i required to take any test before i am considered? Please let me read from u as soon as possible. Thanks

  5. admin says:


    they will use your SAT, ACT etc scores. Go to study abroad scholarships for college. Also try to apply to the Davis scholarships – http://www.scholarshipsgrants.us/scholarships/the-davis-scholarship-is-international/2527/.

  6. Marsha Ahlefeld says:

    I am 60 years old and hearing impaired. I rely on lip reading and some sound to understand what people say. I would like to learn sign language and become an interpreter. Can I qualify for financial assistance to accomplish this? Thank you

  7. admin says:


    you would have apply to find out. Go to AARP scholarships which may help and older women scholarships.

  8. Misty says:

    Aloha, I’m 20 and currently attending a local community college. I’m half deaf in both ears and have been since my child years. I read alll about these scholarships, but can someone please tell me how to apply??

  9. admin says:


    you can apply by going directly to the scholarship sponsors website. Sometimes we put in links which will take you to the website we are writing about, and other times we do not. Scholarship sponsors frequently change their scholarship URL yearly so if we did include the link it would not work – or be a dead link. You must search for the particular sponsor of the scholarship program you are interested in by going to your favorite web browser and search for it.

  10. robert says:

    im assisting 6 deaf students in my place malaybaly city, philippines. 4 in high school, 2 in primary school. how can they apply for financial assistance?thank you

  11. Sir/Ma,i am Azeez,a 30 years old man, hearing impaired Nigerian and nce holder graduated in Nigeria interested in gallaudet university and scholarship to further my education.Plz send me admission form and other materials needs.Thanks

  12. Kevin says:

    My son was born with one ear. he is a graduating senior with a 3.8 /4.0 GPA. We are trying to find him scholarships 7 Grants to help pay for college

  13. admin says:


    apply to as many scholarships as you can – especially general disability scholarships. Look also for organizations which provide support people with hearing disabilities – which your son has. Many times they have educational support which you can apply to. Look also into what hearing related disabled educational student aid your particular state has and apply to those.

  14. Kevin says:

    Thank you very much

  15. admin says:


    you’re welcome!

  16. shenaz mohamed mother says:

    i have a son who is 35 years old need scholarship to study abroad
    for hairdressing and beautician in Kenya there are no colleges for deaf
    he also has small certificates for computers as well we are in Kenya.

  17. shenaz mohamed mother says:

    i will wait for your reply please.

  18. admin says:


    you must apply to the student scholarships your son feels he has a chance at winning. Read more at: http://www.bursaries.co/

  19. admin says:


    apply to scholarships to see if your son has a chance at winning. If he never applies then he will never find out. Read more at easy scholarships; which may help.

  20. Monjue grigsby says:

    Can you help a deaf person from Africa who has interest in Arts?

  21. admin says:


    any scholarship you want to apply to you can send an email to the scholarship sponsor firstly before applying and ask them if they will accept you as a candidate for their scholarship. You can do this by going to their contact webpage on their website and ask them there.

  22. Olarinde Farayola says:

    I am a Nigerian deaf student pursuing a masters degree in computer science at a US school. We just finished a semester exams, but my financial trouble is how to source for the next semester’s tuition. My sponsor has stopped sponsoring me because of a sudden devaluation in our currency. Any help?

  23. admin says:


    The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs scholarships grants offer a range of opportunities for students who are pursuing educational goals.

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