Disability Scholarships for the Blind


Anything can be difficult for those who cannot see, but disability scholarships for the blind can really help those same people who still want to attend college. There are a variety of different disabilities scholarships and grant programs available to the visually impaired, and it is important to explore these opportunities if you are looking for a way to pay for a higher education. College is not out of reach for those with disabilities, especially the blind.

One of the many different blind scholarships available to students today is the American Council of the Blind Scholarship. This organization offers many disability scholarships to various students who are excelling in college. Eligibility is granted to students in a variety of different graduate and undergraduate programs. Good grades are expected and the applicant must be blind.
Other scholarships for blind that are available to students is being offered through the American Foundation for the Blind. Any student who shows financial need, along with the dedication to complete a college degree, can apply for this disability scholarship to help fund their college education. The students must have visual impairment of some kind and will be asked to complete an essay.

Are you interested in a particular area of study?

Chances are, there are disability college grants and scholarships waiting for you there. One great example of this is seen in the blind scholarship awarded by the Jewish Braille Institute of America. This blind award is given to students that are blind and visually impaired but want to study Judaic. Students do not have to be Jewish to receive this disability college award.
For those not wanting to pursue a college degree, but do want to attain a vocational certificate, Lighthouse International provides a blind disabilities scholarship for you. This award is granted to a student who wants to pursue either a degree or a vocational certificate with the intention of changing careers. The student must be legally blind to apply. There are also visually impaired scholarship and grant programs available to those who are not blind, but have some connection with vision impairment.
For dependants of military veterans who are blind, the Blinded Veterans Association offers one year blind awards to exceptional students. These awards are based on the merit of the student and can be received up to four times. The student’s parents do not need to be a member of the organization in order to be approved for this award.
If you are interested in studying vision impairment, there is a blind scholarship for the disabled available for you. The Pennsylvania College of Optometry currently offers scholarships for the blind to full or part time students who are interested in studying one of the various areas of vision impairment and rehabilitation. These disabilities scholarships can be used for a variety of programs that the school offers, not just doctoral degrees.


This is not where the scholarship list ends. There are many more scholarships for blind out there that are just waiting to be taken. For those who suffer from some kind of visual impairment, this is a great opportunity to further your way of life and education. Scholarships for the blind and grants can help you attain the dream of a college degree; all it takes is a little time and patience.

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  1. Reese Boroff says:

    I am visually impaired and am looking for scholarship help to finance college.

  2. admin says:

    try first here at student loan scholarships, and click on the link ‘Find Free College Money’ to see what scholarships you may be eligible for as a quick first step. This is a free service that is easy to use. Make sure you indicate your disability when answering the questions.
    Next, visit or call all the colleges you are interested in attending; and speak to the financial aids office. They will be very helpful, and ask them over the phone if they have disability scholarships, and would you qualify for them. He may want you to come down in person to talk further. If so, set up a time to go.
    Call all Blind organizations you are familar with (all and any) and discuss this issue over the phone with them to see if they can guide you further.
    Next, keep searching, new things open up every day. Be persistent and keep calling and asking.

    You will find what your looking for if you don’t give up!!!

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