Disability Scholarships for Hearing Impaired Students


Scholarships for hearing impaired students is obtainable if you have a hearing disability. There are many different hearing impaired scholarships and grants out there for students with hearing problems, and they can help dedicated students attain the ultimate goal of a college degree. Keep in mind that most of these disability scholarships and grants for hearing impaired require that the student have diagnosed hearing loss that occurred before they learned to speak. While it does not have to be total hearing loss, it does need to be profound to be considered for one of these opportunities.

One of the many disability scholarships for the hearing impaired available today is the Graduate Fellowship Fund. The GFF offers financial assistance to deaf individuals who want to obtain a doctoral degree. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college in order to be able to apply for this award.

The Minnie Pearl Scholarship program is another hearing scholarship that students with deafness related disabilities can obtain. Students applying for this award must be exceptional in academics and must hold at least a 3.0 grade point average. There are 14 of these scholarships in the amount of two thousand dollars each. Students who are applying must have been accepted by an accredited university, but not yet be attending.

For members of the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf, there are ten 1000 dollar scholarships available each year. Students who are interested in these deaf scholarships must be deaf or hard of hearing and be enrolled in an accredited postsecondary educational institution. Applicants must have been a member of the fraternity for at least a year prior to the application submission.

Students attending an accredited four year institution in the United States or Canada are eligible to apply for the Sertoma International Scholarship. The thirteen 1000 dollar rewards are made possible by the donations given by Oticon and Phonetic Ear corporations. Students who apply must have at least a 3.2 grade point average as well as documented hearing loss.

The United Way provides disability awards that vary between five hundred and one thousand dollars to students wishing to pursue a two or four year degree. There are fourteen of these awards given out each year. In order to be eligible, the student must have been part of a Courage Center vocational program at some point in the past.

For those who may benefit from further education, but are not pursuing an actual college degree, there are options. The Travelers Protective Association of America has set up a scholarship for the deaf and near deaf. The purpose of this hearing scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students who may benefit from various types of treatment or special education. All applicants must show financial need in order to qualify.


As you can see, there are many different disability scholarships for hearing impaired students available with some sort of hearing loss. This scholarships list cannot even come close to listing every hearing scholarship and grant opportunity that is out there. The fact is, however, that hearing disabilities scholorships can make it a little bit easier to attend college and attain a degree if you suffer from a hearing disability. These hearing impaired scholarships are not hard to find, and they stand to make your life so much better.

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  1. Dre'Shawn Shanks c/o Mariama Outlaw says:

    Hello, this may not be a comment this maybe a cry for help!!!!!!!!! My son Dre’Shawn Shanks is a 10th grader at Ribault High School, He has and hearing impairment. My concern is that he’s about to graduate from High School in less then a year to say the least and he can’t read. My child has slip through the cracks of public education for 10 going on 11 years and that’s sad I am upset about that can someone please help me my email address is mssweetheart72@yahoo.com. please someone help

  2. admin says:

    My recommendation is to enroll in some type of reading improvement class to bring him to the reading level of were he should be. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this type of problem. You will find that a reading improvement class, attended on a weekly regular basis will help substancially. It is something that you will be very glad you enrolled your son into. Anyone who has done so is never disasatisfied.

  3. I have a passion for vulnerable groups. I am based in Zambia-Southern Africa. In Zambia Deaf people are very illiterate as they have been forgotten. I work for the ILO but in my spare time I started helping the deaf. Most times they are treated as out casts and abandoned. I have been paying for 3 deaf children for their primary and secondary education. One of them has completed his O Levels and wants to pursue tertiary education but I am stuck as there are no facilities for deaf education at tertiary level. I registeres a trust to mobilise resources for the deaf so that they may have an equal chance in life. Please help with a scholarship or linking me to any funding institution that can help. Most disabled people here especially deaf are just beggars

  4. admin says:

    Maria-Theresa Malila,
    you asked the below question, but we need to know if you are looking for scholarships in Zambia-Southern Africa, or the United States? We are based in the US, but we would like to try and help you either way. Please respond so we can do the research for you. Also go to our website Disability Scholarships for Hearing Impaired to reply to us for a quicker response.


    “I have a passion for vulnerable groups. I am based in Zambia-Southern Africa. In Zambia Deaf people are very illiterate as they have been forgotten. I work for the ILO but in my spare time I started helping the deaf. Most times they are treated as out casts and abandoned. I have been paying for 3 deaf children for their primary and secondary education. One of them has completed his O Levels and wants to pursue tertiary education but I am stuck as there are no facilities for deaf education at tertiary level. I registeres a trust to mobilise resources for the deaf so that they may have an equal chance in life. Please help with a scholarship or linking me to any funding institution that can help. Most disabled people here especially deaf are just beggars


  5. Brittany says:

    I am hearing impaired as well. I have a cochlear implant. I have been trying to look for scholarships and grants concerning my hearing disability. I know that there are many out there, but i don’t know where to start. I’m a senior in high school. Does anyone know any specific scholarships for that? I would appreciate it.

  6. admin says:

    first things first. To do a quick & easy scholarship search go to student loan scholarship. Click on ‘Find Free College Money’ and insert all your disability information. This is a free scholarship search engine & it works well! Then, contact your state in which you reside in the educational department; call them or go online to see what types of financial aid/grants/scholarships they have for disabilities of your type. This does take a little bit of hard work on your part, but this is how it’s done. If you don’t do it nobody else will. You will have to fill out paperwork & forms when you apply, but this is what you have to do. The state educational departments are great resources to finding out what financial aid is available for just about any situation. Then, if there is a hand full of colleges which you want to attend, start calling them to see what disability financial aid they have. you will be surprised when you call them how helpful and informative they can be. I prefer calling them because I always like to speak to a person from the financial aids office. This is their job; to answer all questions and assist as many people as possible to try and get them to attend their college/university. They want a growing enrollment every year because this ensures the future existence of their school. So don’t be shy, the more people you talk to about financial aid, the closer you will get to finding what you want. Just because one college turns you away, the next one may have some fiancial aid money left in their vault to give away. Most colleges/universities when they say “NO” means they have run out of aid for that year, but next year could be different.

  7. Brittany says:

    Thanks, admin! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Osama Riaz says:

    I am hearing impaired student of Junior High School from Pakistan. I have Severe to Profound hearing loss and using BTE hearing aids. I am looking for scholarship to attend regular study or vacational program in US which will helpful me in learning of language and culture of US.

    Request for help to find a such scholarship opportunity. I would appreciate and early response. Thanks in advance.

  9. admin says:

    The SLC or the Global Student Loan Corporation may be of assistance to you. Also go to study abroad and see if this helps too. You may want to call the state/province in which you reside and talk to the educational department to see what options they have for international students.
    To do a quick & easy scholarship search go to student loan scholarship. Click on ‘Find Free College Money’ and insert all your disability information. This is a free scholarship search engine & it works well!

  10. Jessica McArthur says:

    Hi, my name is jessica I have been in the Emergency Medical Field going on 3 years now. Im currently a student through an ems school that is a branch of my Employer. I have been in school for my Paramedic Cert for 4 months now, and i have significant hearing loss in both ears, 60% in my left and 40% in my right. Almost all of the finicinal aid that i have found require you to be in a college or university. I there anything out there for students who are not in a college?

  11. admin says:


    contact the Educational Department of the state in which you live and they may able to provide assistance. Ask about there ‘disability financial aids programs’ and hearing loss scholarships/grants/student loan programs as well. Most scholarships do require you to be in, or getting ready to attend college, but your state may have other programs for your particular situation. Also, go to the new government disability website and click on the educational link to further help you.

  12. Claire Anne Franchezka says:

    I’m Claire Martin, a senior high school student from Manila, Philippines. I was born with profound sensorineural hearing loss and now I am aided with a cochlear implant. I am presently enrolled in a home school which uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum and since I started school I was exempted from my Filipino subjects. Now I am about to graduate, my parents are having problems regarding my college education. All colleges here require Filipino subjects. International Schools are quite expensive here. Only a few schools here offer education for the hearing impaired and mostly uses sign language which I don’t. I plan to take up Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Photography. I need financial assistance and a school where I can fit in. I greatly appreciate any help that you can extend. Thank you in advance.

  13. Gail Allen says:

    My son is a resident student at a four year college in Va. He has a moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears and he is using an inspiro listening device that has helped so much in large classroom settings. Are there any grants out there in which to apply for funding on the listening device? He depends on this to help hearing possible in the large settings and it is necessary that he continue using it in order to be successful.

  14. admin says:


    you first want to contact the financial aids office of the school your son is attending and inquire into hearing loss scholarships and disability scholarships. You may just find what your looking for right there. They are up on the latest disability scholarships being offered today with new funding coming out monthly. This is your best option.

    Just about any company who makes hearing devices can be contacted directly to inquire into their hearing scholarship programs which are usually directed at students with a hearing disability. We are not familiar with Inspiro so you may want to contact them directly to see if they have a scholarship program.

    You can always do a quick student loan scholarship search which is free to do on this large scholarship search service to see if they can be of assistance.

  15. sosan says:

    i m sosan my son is baabrak age of 16 is mpaired hearing ,studying in normal school ,now i need ur favour . here in pakstan there is no advance treatment means rehabilitation,he is active knows computer very wll can speak urdu,pashto and english, i dont want to waste him.i m educationist but i dont have that much money ,so please do me a favour.

  16. admin says:


    you must contact your state educational department to see what programs they have for your son.
    The SLC or the Global Student Loan Corporation may be of assistance to you. Also go to study abroad and see if this helps too. You may want to call the state/province in which you reside and talk to the educational department to see what options they have for international students.
    To do a quick & easy scholarship search go to student loan scholarship. Click on ‘Find Free College Money’ and insert all your disability information. This is a free scholarship search engine & it works well!

    Other resources:
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program Opportunity

  17. Edward Banda says:

    My name is Edward Banda. having a Bachelor”s Degree in Social Work from The University of Zambia, in country Zambia, Central Africa.I also hold Post- graduate Higher Diploma in Health Management and have currently finished Part (I) of Master of Public Health remaining with my thesis based on research project.
    My problem is that am hearing impaired suffering from severe loss in both ears that i miss out most of the convesertion in the normal classes. Here in Zambia, the Goverment has no facilityies for such disbilities and its very difficult to struggle through in my experience of learning with normal students and lecturers.Further, finding Employement that matchs with my qualification is unatainable as i have been discriminated and remain in lowly paying job as medical social worker since 1995.Completing my progam has remained a bigger problem because of communication problem due to my hearing loss during graduate presentation forum which examiner never sympathise with my problem just as the Job interviewers do. I want to complete my MPH program but do not have money to pay to the University of Zambia.Furthher, what can i do have a satisfying job without this descrimination we the hearing impaire are facing in Zambia?I believe your help is very good for us, keep it up.

  18. admin says:


    you must make an appointment with the University of Zambia financial aids office and speak to the fianncial aids manager to inquire into the financial aid help you are looking for and specifically your disability. They must have some disability related program to assist students like you to help pay for their education. If they can’t help you they will advise you on where to go to get what you need.
    Thanks for your kind compliments!

  19. Sydny Bohuk says:

    Hi, I have a hearing impariment, and I am looking to find money for college. I am only in the 10th grade, but I want to get a head start on finding college money out there. Times are tough and I am afraid that if I don’t start now, then I will not be able to suceed in getting the money. Can you please point me in the correct direction?

  20. admin says:


    you want to make sure at this point that you get good grades because landing scholarship money will be easier for you. Start entering into essay poetry contest for high school students which you can enter and win to save for college. There are other contest too where they award just money too which you can now enter. Grants by the Federal govnament are what you also want to look into when you start to apply to colleges. Talk to your high school counselor and ask him too with a sit down meeting. he will be able to start you in the right direction.

  21. Ofeoritse Jemide-Aghahowa says:

    Dear sir,
    Please support me about Deaf scholaship.
    My name is Ofeoritse Jemide Aghahowa, A Nigerian from Edo state; am from a Christian home, and attended primary school at Ibadan school for the deaf, Oyo state from 1991-1999 and proceeded to Ijokodo high school, Ibadan for my junior secondary school from 1999-2003. I later moved to Arolly secondary school, Warri Delta state, for my secondary school education from 2003 – 2005. I later did welding and fabrication under the NDDC skill acquisition programme from 2005 – 2009. I cannot speak nor hear. My ambition right from time has been to study and
    be independent at d College. Because they have the facilities that will aid me to study there; also the school fees are not too expensive, my mother will be able to effort it. I have always want to study in College because I know that with my condition, only an institution with specialist and good facilities will assist me, this is not readily available here in Nigerian tertiary institutions. After graduating as a qualified Economics from College; I intend to join my mother in expanding her business in Nigerian by applying what I have learnt in the College or pick up a job. The challenges I expect to face as a new student in the college will be in the area of communication and weather changes which is normal situation. For communication I intend to improve on my sign language and also the school has the facilities to assist in my studying and also to have afriend that will also help me to relate to my fellow student; while for the weather, I will adapt to it quickly. I also want to study hard so that I can be the best graduating Economics student from the College. hope is there many students deaf? please tells me.
    Kind Regard,
    Ofeoritse Jemide-Aghahowa.

  22. admin says:


    you must make an appointment with the financial aids office of the college you wish to attend to speak to the financial aids manager to see what options you have to assist with paying your college tuition. They will be able to tell you exactly what’s available for you. Do this immediately and you will be very glad you did!

  23. Paul Luma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a hard of hearing graduate from the University of Buea, Cameroon (a university equipe for the hearing). I am looking for scholarship to do a masters program abraod since there are no University for the deaf in in Cameroon. I will be happy to provide additional information if you consider me or direct me where to go inorder to fillfill this goal. I look forward hearing from you.
    Paul Luma

  24. admin says:


    go to Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships and Get an Unusual Fulbright Scholarship and become a Fulbright Scholar. Also go to disability Fulbright scholarship program.
    Then go to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) -they recently announced several grants that have deadlines in July and August 2010.

  25. Stephanie Clark says:

    Hi My Name is Stephanie Clark, i am hearing impaired of deafness disability and i am live with my family in Va. i am doing well as usually i do sign language and speak. i am looking for scholarship for college being i want to attend to Gallaudet University about this fall for now. my mom wanted to know how to get scholarshiop for college soo i need help for that. Please!!!!

    Thank You,

  26. admin says:


    Gallaudet University offers merit-based scholarships to deaf and hard of hearing students whose scholastic and personal achievements are exemplary. You can read about it at Gallaudet University scholarships for deaf. Read up on the various deaf scholarships Gallaudet University offers to see if you fit one of them. Since you will be attending this college you are restricted to what scholarships they offer you. You must make an appointment with the financial aids manager to see what kind of financial aid/grant or scholarship is available which you can use at Gallaudet University. You may qualify for the Federal Pell Grant which many students do. Also look into no cosigner student loans too as a alternative to scholarships if you do not qualify for any.
    Go to free student loan scholarship search to do a fast and easy free scholarship search just to see what you may qualify for.
    By filling out the FAFSA through Gallaudet University this can tell them what type of disability scholarship you may qualify for. Have you done that?

  27. Chinika Hankins says:

    I am looking for some type of financial help for my little brother he is hearing impaired. He was attending a two-year college here in Oklahoma but now the people that helped him get into school are saying that they no longer provide financial help in schooling. So we are needing to find some type of scholarship to help pay for his tuition,books etc. We are so lost and don’t know where to start if you could please help, also because the group that was paying for his schooling no longer does it, We now have a balance at the school. Would anyone be able to help with that also, Please help we are trying to get him back in school ASAP.

  28. David says:

    This is David Pwamang a deaf high school graduate from.wanting to further my education at the usa college for the deaf.however i could not meet all the request financials obligations and will therefore be much gradefull if i could be assisted.Thank and hoping to read from you as soon as possible.

  29. Stephanie Scheib says:

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I want to be a nurse! I have a profound seniseneural hearing loss (90%) in both ears and have the cochlear implant on one side. Are there any scholarships for those who can hear and speak and want to be a nurse? I realize that my hearing is not as severe as others but it used to be.

  30. Niquenese says:

    My name is Dominique and I am hearing impaired. I have already earned a bachelors and I want to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. I am currently in default of one of my loans but my current GPA in starting GRAD school is 3.5. I need financial assistance, what can I do? What are my options?

  31. admin says:


    if the student loan is private you can still apply for bad credit no cosigner student loans . Most government loans do check credit. But if this is a gov loan then it will be difficult to get a private or gov student loan. Best chance is a graduate scholarship of some type. Contact any or all hearing impaired companies and send them an email via their contact webpage to inquire if they have a hearing impaired scholarship you can apply too. New ones come out every month and you just may find one with little competition. Go to unknown college scholarships which gives great ideas for student aid.


    i am deaf. From nigeria west africa. Am student of federal college of education(special) oyo, oyo state nigera. Am look scholarship to enable me to complete my education up to master level. Can i be helped? Can i apply? I hve been trying to apply for schlarshp in nigeria bt got nothing. I need help!

  33. Ficky says:

    Im Tanzanian boy agen 27, im hearing impaired. I have already complete my diploma from teachers training college so im a teacher in proffesion.
    I want to continue with further studies (university degree) in canada.
    But i have a financial problem since im orphan please i need scholarship and information of university which i can fit.
    Thank you in advance

  34. sahib says:

    i am hard-deaf and using hearing aid .i am from paikstan and have Bsc degree and have come to Gulf nation Qatar for job due to family need.but now i want to get complete education but i need assistance. how can i get it .thanks

  35. admin says:


    you can apply to any you see listed on the website; but you must go to the sponsor of the scholarships website to apply. Look into also the Davis scholarships. More reading at study abroad scholarships. Talk also to your FinAids office for more guidance too, especially for disability scholarships in India. Go to UPTU scholarship.

  36. Iftekhar Saeed says:

    Respected Sir..
    i am suffering from “Hard of hearing” my hearing capability is 80DB, sir i am already enrolled in Federal University im MS Leading to Ph.D program, i am also a expert reviewer of JFS and also my one publication is under process, sir i am facing lot of economical problems, i need financial aid to fulfill my dream of doctoral studies, kindly let me know about any institute or society for financial aid..
    Thank you..

  37. Iftekhar Saeed says:

    Thank you

  38. Bonifacio Quilao says:

    Hi! Iam bonifacio Quilao from Tanauan City Philippines. I have ahearing impaired child. She wants to finish her college she is a high school graduate here in our locallity. will somebody help me find a formal school for her. please help us.

  39. wondwossen Aynalem says:

    Dear Sir,
    Let me inform you about me a little bit as follows:
    My name is wondwossen Aynalem,male Ethiopian. I am a profoundly deaf and a teacher for the deaf in secondary high school in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa. I have a bachelor degree in education mathematics and a diploma in applied mathematics. I have a good interested for study master degree in mathematics and physics. Therefore I have a good zeal for advance my education level for helping my deaf people special young. I am believe that deaf students need to have found a good education by learning in the right way. For this purpose, we need to have a good knowledge how to teaching and helping the deaf. I hope that you have a well know knowledge how to able teach deaf without any matter.I look forward your kind reply for my requesting.
    With Best Regard
    Wondwossen Aynalem

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