College Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

College scholarships for students with disabilities can help a great many people attend school a lot easier. There are hundreds of thousands of people in our country today that suffer from some form of disability. Many foundations, organizations, and companies have set up specific monetary rewards that can help these individuals attain a high quality of life by attending college through various types of scholarships for the disabled. Disability scholarships are not sparse. There are plenty out there for those who take the time to look and apply.

When applying for a disability scholarship it is important to remember a few things that will apply to all programs. In any situation, scholarships need to be applied for. If you don’t apply for the disabilities scholarships, then you can never be awarded with it. Most disability scholarships can be obtained fairly easily if you simply follow the application instructions exactly. While some instructions are more complex, others are quite simple. Remember, if you need help filling out forms or coming up with documentation, do not hesitate to ask. Your future may depend on if you get the scholarship or not.

There are many different scholarships for disabilities that can easily be attained by individuals who need them to pay for college. It is important to start looking at what’s available before an individual plans to start school. Some scholarships will have to be applied for when the student in still in high school, while others need to be applied for while the student is in college. Gathering information is always the best first step to take.

For those who have learning disabilities, the Anne Ford Scholarship has learning disability scholarships which provides ten thousand dollars to a deserving high school senior. This money can be used to pursue any field of study at any accredited institution. For those with specific disorders, there are many specific disability scholarships available.

The American Council for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind are two organizations that provide blind college scholarships for students with disabilities that suffer with some type of visual impairment. Award amounts vary depending on the program that a student applies for, but all scholarships in this area require proof and documentation of legal blindness.

There are various different disability deaf scholarships available to students who are deaf or near deaf. The Minnie Pearl program offers money to high school seniors that are in a mainstream school system while dealing with deafness.

The Alexander Graham Bell Association also offers hearing scholarships for college students with hearing disability impairments wishing to pursue a college degree.

Various organizations offer college money to students who have psychological disabilities. Many local autism groups are proud to offer college autism scholarships to students with documented autism. Likewise, there are many groups that offer schizophrenia scholarships for students that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The Lilly Schizophrenia Reintegration Scholarship is one example.

Physical impairments can place a great deal of strain on a student who wished to attain a college degree. For this reason there are many scholarships available to those with these diseases and disorders. The Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation provides money for students with this condition. They offer Cystic Fibrosis Scholarships for students who suffer from this condition.

No matter what the disability is, there are specific grants scholarships for the disabled that can help a student attain their goals. A college degree can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of life. This is why these college scholarships for students with disabilities are so important to those who receive them each year.

*Basic guidelines for disabilities scholarships

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155 Responses

  1. Alyse says:

    Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and informative site revolving around disability and scholarships. I have peeled the Internet for a while now looking for valuable information and yours is the first I’ve found!

    I am a senior in high school, ( female, adopted from Korea) and have cerebral palsy. I’ve already seen that scholarships specific to CP are pretty rare, and other than applying to general disability scholarships, do you have any other suggestions?

    Any insight would be extremely appreciated.


  2. Sajjad Ali says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I complete my Pharm-D Pharmacy from University of Peshawar. Now i want further education (MS, M. Phill or Ph-D) on fully scholarship.

  3. admin says:

    Sajjad Ali,

    have you tried applying to your government bursary programs. Many students overlook this.

  4. Melinda Potter says:

    Hello! Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I am having trouble finding scholarships or information for application guidelines for college students that suffer from Dysautonomia. Any suggestions on locating this?

    Thank you!

  5. admin says:


    you must contact organization which provides support for Dysautonomia. They usually have educational programs which you can apply to.

  6. yohannes says:

    Hi 1st of Tnx for giving information am leg disabled person Can I get the chance?

  7. admin says:


    you must apply to scholarships to see if you have the chance. If you don’t apply you will never know if you can receive a scholarship. Talk to a FinAids officer at a college you are interested in attending to discuss their own disability scholarships for which you can apply to – or even grants too.

    Have you looked into your own government educational bursaries? They are easy to apply to and easier to get then scholarships.

  8. Kyle Dennison says:

    My wife are both disabled (I had a stroke, my wife has lupus and fibromyalgia). Can you direct me where I can look for scholarships for our college-bound daughter?

  9. admin says:


    you can go to government disability scholarships and financial aid. Click on Education – Scholarships and FinAids to see if this could help. Your daughter would have to qualify for any type of FinAid. Most would come from the FAFSA. Would be based on your income and hers – if any.

  10. Msa says:

    I am taking my Masters course from American university I am in need of financial aid to meet transport cost

  11. admin says:


    since you are attending American University already I would visit the financial aids office to discuss what grants, scholarships or other they may have for you based on your criteria. Graduate scholarships and grants are more difficult to secure, but not impossible. Have you looked into educational bursaries?

    Apply to general disability scholarships too – the only requirement to apply is that you have a disability of ANY kind.

  12. Carol Reynolds says:

    I have a nephew with some form of disability (learning); my sister and husband divorced and she has a language barrier and have never been able to tell me what is my nephew specific diagnosis. He graduated HS in TX in June 2013; was looking to enroll in a community college but was denied financial aid and his father declined the loan. His dad is not very helpful and believe my nephew has no chance of advancement in any kind of college, so he just keep him at home and my nephew is growing more and more frustrated. I want to help him find a scholarship so that he can at least have a chance to do something with his life. Please help.

  13. admin says:


    try this website for more – government disability student aid.

  14. Ali akbar says:

    hi sir….
    i have the disability of polio…
    i have recently done my M.Sc..and i want to continue my further study abroad so i need a scholarship for this..would you help me….??

  15. admin says:


    read about study abroad scholarships firstly. On the ones you read about; inquire if they have a disability scholarship at each one – most do!

    Search also for polio foundations or companies which provide support for those who have polio. Many of these place also have an educational award you can apply to.

    Good Luck!

  16. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the helpful information! I have been trying to find financial assistance since I live and have to treat/manage chronic lyme disease! However, there are hardly any options I’ve found regarding Lyme! Any suggestions??

  17. admin says:


    look for organizations which offer support for people with Lyme disease such as the American Lyme Disease Foundation, or to inquire if they have an educational award you can apply to – many do!

  18. cosmas S mwanakaba says:

    may i be considered please

  19. admin says:


    you must apply to find out if you qualify.

  20. g.ujjinappa says:

    I the disobility of polio right hand soloder
    I have recently done,Dipolma and i want continu my further study a broad so need would you help me?

  21. admin says:


    look for organizations which provide support with your affliction by searching for “polio support”. Many times they have educational awards you can apply to. Have you looked into educational bursaries?

  22. Sydney says:

    I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which grants could I apply for?

  23. admin says:


    when looking for specific scholarships for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome it’s best to search for organizations which provide support for people who have your specific ailments; such as Foundations or Memorials. Many times they do have educational awards which you can apply to. Just search for “postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome support”. Otherwise; just apply to any disability scholarship program which allows you to apply IF you have ANY disability as being the only qualification to apply.

  24. Does anyone know of scholarships for students with two disabled parents??

  25. Matt Ramsey says:

    I had a craniotomy performed in London, Ontario, at University Hospital. After that, I had a profound memory deficit that plagued me throughout the remainder of high school and all of undergrad school.

    Many years later, I began to tutor on the community college level. As a writing tutor, I was a fish in water, holistically. Eventually, I moved up to the university level. Thereafter, I began to work 40 hours per week as a tutor of higher education writing, simultaneously as I was completing graduate level courses.

    The way I was able to accomplish this successfully was for the usage of voice recognition software, for pre-reading textbooks, composing written assignments and transcribing notes from recorded lectures.

    Eventually, as I continued to use the system, in tandem (MS Word, a Sony digital recorder, a PC and Dragon NaturallySpeaking!), I realize that my memory deficit was waning.

    Eventually, I started to work 40 plus hours a week, simultaneously as I was completing graduate school. As an individual with a profound learning disability, I was able to maintain a grade point average of 3.8 or higher, compliments of my usage of voice recognition software.

    Now, approximately two and a half to three years after having completed graduate school, I have successfully been tutoring higher education writers in the Washington, DC area and I continue to experience the many wonders of having had my memory deficit become lessened.

    Please contact me to let me know the parameters of continuing my education in Ontario. Sincerely,

    Matt Ramsey, M.Ed.

  26. admin says:


    apply to to Canadian bursaries & scholarships. The government bursaries are the easiest to apply and get!

  27. lisa pressley says:

    I am an educator who was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder at the tender age of thirteen. I have suffered with this disorder for over forty years. Education and schooling has always been a priority in my life. However being bipolar has always interrupted my studies. Nevertheless I have been able to maintain a teaching position and acquired a Masters degree. Currently I have a desire to use my personal experiences to assist others who have bipolar and to help the world understand this disorder. I am in pursuit of a Doctorate but I cannot find any method to help me financially. The impact I plan to have on the world could be astronomical.

    Please inform me of any information about grants or scholarships for people with bipolar.

    Lisa Pressley, M.Ed.

  28. admin says:


    read more at You also may want to contact organizations which provide support for your disorder and see if they have a student aid award.

  29. ikenna says:

    Can disabled people from Africa apply?

  30. admin says:


    you would want to direct this question to any scholarship SPONSOR you apply to; or before you apply to it. Have you looked into government bursaries from your country? If not do so for they are easy to apply to and easy to win. Most are need based too. Check on your government educational website

  31. TOKO VIRGINIE says:

    i have just pass the advance level i am looking for scholarship,i live in Africa specially in Cameroon i am a disable girl please help me

  32. admin says:


    apply to any scholarship you like via by going to the sponsor of the scholarships website. most times you can apply online. Have you looked into your government bursaries in Africa? They are need based and easy to apply to and get! They are based on need.

  33. Kristina says:

    Is there scholarships for people with PTSD and anxiety issues ?

  34. Kristina says:

    Is there scholarships for students with PTSD and severe anxiety and alopecia areata?

  35. admin says:


    you want to search for organizations and Foundations which provide support for mental issues such as what you indicate. Many times they have educational awards you can apply to. Search for “severe anxiety support” or “alopecia areata help and support” or “PTSD support”.

  36. admin says:


    try looking for Foundations which help people with mental health issues and see if they can advise you on what your looking for too.

  37. Carol says:

    PLEASE PROVIDE DIRECT SCHOLARSHIP LINKS FOR A STUDENT WITH EPILEPSY. All of the links and information posted – did not provide the student with an application to complete.

  38. admin says:


    go to Epilepsy scholarships to read more.

  39. Tabitha says:

    I am 18 and have both fibromyalgia, hashimoto thyroiditis disease, dyslexia, and high blood pressure. Is there any scholarships for any of those? I also have a mom who is a cancer survivor, also has fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and a few other things.

  40. admin says:


    go to learning scholarships to read more for dyslexia. We have diabetes scholarships on our website you can read about. For others search for organizations which provide support for your disabilities. Many times they have educational awards you can apply to. You can also apply to any disability scholarship which just requires a documented disability to apply.

  41. shakila nazary says:

    My name is Shakila Nazary I am 24 having physical disability of right leg since I was two years old in Afghanistan .I am student of final year of Bechelor of Business Adminstration (BBA) in Lovely Professional University in India got governmental scholarship from Afghanistan Government i want to continue my master degree but I have financial problem I want to do my master degree in USA and I want to change my dream in to reality through your scholarship program.
    please guide me how to apply for that.

    best wishes
    shakila nazary

  42. admin says:


    you can go to international scholarships to help you. You should inquire into student aid for international master students too when searching around.

  43. melissa says:

    Is there a scholarship for Alopecia Universals?

  44. admin says:


    I don’t know of any; but if you search for organizations & Foundations which provide support for Alopecia Universals, many times they have an educational award you can apply too. Apply to general disability scholarships which anyone with any disability can apply tyoo.

  45. Kristy says:

    Hi my daughter is planning on attending a college in the fall 2017. Which scholarship would she want to apply for? she has Amniotic Band Syndrome. Thanks

  46. admin says:


    you want to contact the college she will be attending and talk with a financial aids manager to see what disability programs they presently have for students with disabilities. Most colleges do have these programs. Then you want to search for organizations which provide support for the affliction your daughter has. Many have educational programs to apply to. Then, there are general disability programs which any student can apply for for any disability. There are many on our site to search for.

  47. It is myself who is disabled. I want to do a MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering. I already have a first Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Zambia

  48. i physically disabled, but I walk upright and working as a Mechanical Engineer

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