The Ann Ford Scholarship for the Learning Disabled

Finding money for college if you have a learning disability is not as hard as it may seem, especially with the Ann Ford Scholarship for the disabled. There are many learning disability scholarships and grants that are available to people who fall into the learning disabled category. It simply takes a bit of looking and searching in order to find the one that is right for you.

One of the best, and most popular, disability scholarships and grants available to people with learning disabilities is the Ann Ford Scholarships. This scholarship is given to one high school senior that has an identifiable learning disability. This person must possess the will to attain a four year undergraduate degree. The award is worth ten thousand dollars and will be given based on certain criteria. This award is given by the National Center for Learning Disabilities Incorporated. The NCLD is looking for a student of high merit that has a learning disability and meets various criteria. Other than the presence of a learning disability, students must also hold a 3.0 grade point average and be a US citizen. Financial need is an important factor as well. In order to apply, students must be enrolled in a high school as a senior with the intentions of pursuing a four year degree. According to the NCLD, the ideal candidate will understand their disability and how it affects their life. They will be able to self advocate and set realistic career and educational goals. This person should be one that has embraced new things in the past and has overcome obstacles that have stood in the way of various opportunities. Ann Ford Scholarship recipients are always well rounded individuals that have a broad perspective shaped by their experiences throughout school, home, and community life.

In order to apply for the Ann Ford Scholarship, students must submit a packet. All of the materials must be submitted together as instructed on the NCLD website. The required materials include an application, a personal statement, and a transcript from their current high school, three letters of recommendation, a financial statement, test scores, and documentation of a learning disability. Because various disabilities can impair different skills, the NCLD allows variances in the submissions. For example, instead of writing an essay as a personal statement, the student may choose to record a video or audio tape. This enables people who have trouble writing to still be considered for this award. The important thing to remember is what needs to be included in this statement. Students should feel free to be creative while explaining how they show the characteristics of an ideal scholarship recipient.

Once awarded, the Anne Ford Scholarship will enable a person with a marked learning disability to pursue their dreams. This can be especially difficult for people who suffer from various disabilities. For the purposes of this particular disabilities scholarship, it is important to know that ADHD is not considered a learning disability unless it is accompanied by something else.


The award is given in four yearly installments once a winner is chosen. Proof of enrollment is required in order to get each one of the installments. Once finished with school, all Ann Ford Scholarship recipients provide mentorship to new recipients and others with learning disabilities. Overall, the program is both helpful to those who receive the Ford scholarship as well as those who are struggling with a learning disability. As students graduate and become mentors, the movement perpetuates and more than just the recipient benefits.

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