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Scholarships For Students With Disabilities from Fit Small Business

Their are general disability scholarships for disabled Students offered from FitSmallBusiness.com that are worth a look.


AMBUCS Scholarships for People with Disabilities

AMBUCS scholarships for people with disabilities have some nice awards for those students looking for help to pay for their college.


Scholarships for Disabilities from Many Places

Below are a few scholarships for disabilities from many different sponsors of disability scholarships which may strike a cord for someone reading this.


Therapists Scholarships for Disabilities

Individuals considering a career as a therapist will find therapists scholarships for disabilities can help them to accomplish their goals.


Grants and Scholarships for Intellectual Disabilities from TPSID

If you are intellectually disabled going to college look for colleges that received TPSID funding and apply to their scholarships for intellectual disabilities.


The Pilot International Foundation Scholarships for Disabilities

Many students think the Pilot scholarships from the Pilot International Foundation are for future airline pilots and pilots of other aircraft.


Depression Scholarships for Disability

You may be thinking that there is no such thing as depression scholarships Special foundations across the country sponsor depression disability scholarships.


AmeriGlide Achievers Scholarships for Disabled Students

The AmeriGlide Achievers scholarships for disabled students program is a twice yearly award backed by the wheelchair and mobility supplier AmeriGlide.


Learning and Dyslexic Scholarships for Disabilities

The Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Dyslexic scholarships for disabilities are issued each year to RFB&D members. These members must be high school seniors with learning disabilities.


Unique Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships for Disabled

The unique Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships for disabled are awarded each year to twenty- five students who have overcome the obstacles associated with epilepsy.


VSA Arts Creative Writing Scholarships about Disabilities

VSA arts creative writing scholarships about disabilities is an unusual scholarship opportunity for the disabled.


Lighthouse International Assists Students with Disabilities Scholarships

unusual scholarships for people with disabilities, learn more about Lighthouse International and their visually impaired scholarship program.