Unusual Disability Scholarships for Spina Bifida


Spina Bifida is a debilitating disorder that can make life very challenging, but some of these unusual disability scholarships for spina bifida can help make a college degree an attainable goal for many students. This disorder, which is a defect that occurs before birth, can make a person’s quality of life quite low. It can impair movement and function on various different levels as it affects the spinal region of the body.

Attaining real world goals, such as a college degree or vocational certificate, can be much more difficult for a person that cannot function on a normal level. That is why spina bifida disability scholarships are so important to the community. Instead of leading a substandard life, this money can be used to pay for the dream of a college education.

Students living with this disorder can apply for any number of disability scholarships grants that they qualify for. This includes both spina bifida scholarships as well as disability scholarships. While the number of these unusual specialized spina bifida scholarships may be limited, there are plenty of general scholarships out there to help those with this disorder.


The most recognized spina bifida organization, the Spina Bifida Association, offers its own scholarship programs for spina bifida. They encourage all people that live with this disorder to apply. Each year, in January, they accept applications for their scholarships. Each applicant must have a high school diploma or the equivalent. The association offers both one year awards of two thousand dollars and four year awards of five thousand dollars per year. These awards can be used for tuition, room, and board. Financial need is one thing that will be heavily considered, and the person must be enrolled in or accepted to an accredited postsecondary school.


There are many other organizations that provide disability scholarship money for those with a physical disability. The Anne M Fassett Scholarship program offers money for students in certain counties of Florida. To qualify, student must be severely physically disabled or be wheelchair bound. Grade point averages are heavily considered, and the student must show the need for this financial assistance.


Likewise, the Chairscholars Foundation provides money to students who meet these criteria and would not be able to attend college without the help of some kind of financial aid.


Like many other areas of study, there are also scholarships available to those who want to work with people that have this disorder. The Pilot International Foundation is a great example of one of these programs. Instead of offering the money just to those with the disorder, the Pilot Foundation offers scholarships to students who are interested in going into a field that is related to these types of disabilities. This includes nurses, doctors, and therapists. Money from these programs can be used to further an education that has already been started, or it can be used to start out in the right direction.


There are so many unusual scholarship choices when it comes to funding your education for people with disabilities nowadays. It is ten times harder to complete college when you suffer from some sort of physical disability, so obtaining one or more of the various spina bifida disability scholarships can make the college financial road much smoother. College is no longer out of reach for someone who has this disability.

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  1. I was diagnosed with Spinia Bifida the year 2001 after recieving emergency medical attention resulting from a car accident. This came as a shock to me however I have not altered my my plans to go to college n pursue a career in Pharmaceutical industry.

  2. Raymond Garcia says:

    Does anybody know a particular international organization or firms who hire or help disabled foreign students with spina bifida find jobs or free scholarship grants abroad?

  3. admin says:


    go to find a Student Loan Scholarship to do a quick free search. Also read up at Global Student Loan Corporation to see if this can help.

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