Unknown Disability Scholarships for Survivors


Some unknown disability scholarships for survivors serve a very important purpose. These survivor scholarships give hope to those who have been diagnosed with some sort of life threatening disease such as cancer. Once diagnosed, it may seem as if the world is coming to an end, and in many cases it may do just that.


Frequently; however, the treatment for the disease is a long and hard road that can derail the goals and dreams of the individual. It can exhaust financial resources that were meant for other things, such as a college education. When the person makes it through, they may be left with very little to live the rest of their life with.


This is why many unknown survivor scholarships have come into the picture. Since the treatment for cancer and other life threatening diseases is so costly and time consuming, students never make it back to school in order to attain a higher education. A survivor scholarship set up in particular for these individuals can make life that much easier, and it can provide the motivation that a person needs to get their life, and their goals, back on track.


There are different survivors scholarships out there today, most un-heard of. The majority of them do not specify what disease a person needed to have in order to qualify. Normally; any life threatening disease or disorder will qualify. All of the scholarships for survivors require an application which will include an essay. The essay topic may vary depending on the organization granting the disability scholarships, but it is usually something to do with the disease that they were diagnosed with and how it has changed the individual’s life. All students who apply must attach a letter stating that they have been accepted to an accredited school of their choice.


Grade point averages are important for every one of these survivor scholarship awards. Maintaining a high grade point average, despite the onset of a life threatening disease, shows that a person is motivated enough to not give up. This will allow the person to remain motivated while in college as well when things get difficult. Only full time students are considered, and most disability scholarships for survivors will request a contract stating that the student will do a certain number of community service hours once the survivor scholarship is awarded.


The Cheryl Grimmel Award is one of the many different unheard-of disability survivor scholarships available. Like many others, the applicant must submit a packet including proof of the diagnosis, a transcript, an essay, and two letters of recommendation. Financial need is also considered when choosing the winner of this award. This is one of ten scholarships that are granted by the Patient Advocate Foundation. All ten of these awards are in the amount of three thousand dollars ($3,000). This money can be used towards tuition and fees that the school charges for attendance. All money is paid directly to the school.


The world does not always end when a life threatening disease comes tromping through your life. There are many things that you still need to work towards, and one of the most important is a college degree together with a disability scholarship. With so many different options out there, it does not have to be hard to fund your college experience after dealing with cancer or other diseases. Say yes to little known scholarships for survivors and start celebrating your life today!

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