Unknown Disability Schizophrenia Scholarships Grants for College


Though it may seem like a long shot, obtaining disability schizophrenia scholarships and grants is not as hard as it sounds. There are plenty of scholarships for schizophrenia out there that can give people who suffer from this disorder a chance to attain the goals of a college education and beyond. Most of these tend to be unknown scholarships. These disability monies, gifted with no expectations of repayment, can help set a person on the right track to a much higher quality of life. Everyone knows that those with college educations get paid more, so it is vital that schizophrenia sufferers look into the various scholarship disability opportunities before they decide to try and pay for college on their own.

While most of the schizophrenia scholarships that are available are generalized scholarship programs available to people with various different disabilities, there is one that has been set aside solely for people with this disorder. The Lilly Reintegration Scholarships for Schizophrenia is a disability award that is given to students that have this disorder. This disability scholarship program can be used to pay for a variety of different programs, including high school equivalency, trade schools, vocational schools, and college degrees. All applicants must be in treatment for the application to be considered.


Many other scholarships for disabilities exist that can aid a person with this disorder. While these scholarship programs may not be just schizophrenia scholarships, the diagnosis of this disorder will allow you to qualify. Many of the learning disability scholarships will apply to those with the disorder, and you can seek out information on such programs.

Some of the various general disability scholarships include the Anne Ford Scholarship, the Marion Huber Scholarship, and the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship. Each one of these has its own specific requirements that must be met before a student can be considered. Many local organizations and various companies are also proud to offer scholarship money to students with some form of disability. Again, these may not be specifically schizophrenia scholarships for disabled students, but they do award this money to many different people with varying levels of disabilities, including schizophrenia.


The City of Gainesville in Florida offers numerous scholarships each year to disabled students. This is a good example of a local area stepping up to meet the needs of the community. While these local awards may be small, they can go directly to the cost of tuition and other fees that are incurred when you attend college. Bank of America and CVS are two examples of companies that offer scholarship money for students with some sort of disability. While they do not specify what kind of disability meets the criteria, they do require that certain other requirements be met. Grade point averages are usually considered in the case of the corporate scholarship, and you usually have to be a citizen of the United States. Many times, an essay or creative entry must be attached to the application in order to be considered for the award. This is true for both general disability scholarships as well as schizophrenia scholarships, so keep this in mind throughout your search. As you can see, there are many different places to get money for college if you suffer from this disorder. Attaining that college degree can make your life so much better, so it is important to pursue this goal. Get started well ahead of time, and you might be able to get a variety of different scholarships long before you ever actually enter a college.

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24 Responses

  1. Theresa Carreon says:

    I suffer from schizophrenia and am looking to earn my bachelor of Science degree from a Fine Arts or Graphic Arts Program in the city. Please get back to me on an application for the Lilly Schizophrenia Regeneration Scholarship. I’m currently under medication and have a psychiatrist that I see regularly who monitors my illness. I’m very well adjusted and live a well-rounded lifestyle. Also I work full-time at a federal government position. I’ve been there for 30 years and counting. I’ve heard from a counselor at an Art Institue that there were scholarships for people with schizophrenia. Thank you for your help and time and your consideration. With appreciation.

  2. admin says:


    you can go to Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarship to get all the details. An official application link will be posted to print out on ‘October 1st’, every year at this page.
    Good luck and let us know how it went.

  3. julie says:

    i would like to obtain information on how to get college scholorships for people with schizophrenia

  4. admin says:

    Eli Lilly and Company sponsors the Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarships for Disabilities. These disability scholarships are only available for those who are recovering from Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Schizophreniform. These disabled scholarships are issued for every school year between October and January. Go to Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarships and read more.

  5. Joe says:

    I have been in treatment for Schizophrenia but have lost my job a few months ago and lost my insurance. I’ve been going to college for a year now and I have been recently looking for scholarships for people with Schizophrenia but do all of them require you to be in treatment at the moment?

  6. admin says:

    most Schizophrenia scholarships do require you to be in treatment to be eligible to recieve a Schizophrenia scholarship. Look around for other need based grants/scholarships/student loans that you may qualify for. Call the state in which you reside (Educational Department) to inquire into their state specific grants/scholarships and need based financial aid too. Many states are rolling out new programs with some of president Obama’s stimulus programs.

  7. David A. Morales Jr. says:

    Hello! my name is David and I plan to attend college at College of the Sequoias in January 2010. I m diagnose: schizophrenia, and I am under Doctors care.




  8. admin says:

    call the College of the Sequoias and make an appointment with a financial aids manager to discuss your disability options for aid since you have your college picked out already. Once your financial application is turned in they can quickly tell your what disability grant/scholarship/aid you qualify for. Also contact the places mentioned in our website to see what assistance they can provide by emailing them or calling them on the phone.

  9. Jennifer Velasquez says:

    I am interested in obtaining the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship. I have been diagnoised with schizophrenia for ten years now. I am under the care of Dr. Steve Olson, Head of the Psychiatric Department at the University of Minnesota and Dr. Justin Graham. I tested 5th year college level in my freshman year of high school. I was able to finish high school with good grades and went to a community college for a short while until my schizophrenia interfered. My real dream was to attend the University of Minnesota and now that my medications have been decreased and I am doing much better, I am hopeful that with the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship my dream will come true.

  10. admin says:


    you can go to Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarship to get all the details. An official application link will be posted to print out on ‘October 1st’, every year at this page.
    Good luck and let us know how it went.

  11. Imani Haidara says:

    My son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 19. He i s 24 years Old. I would like him to go 3 months to Earthouse in New Jersey. Earthhouse instructs on how to reintegrate, nutrition, life skills etc. It costs $25,000 for 3 months. This includes housing, medication, books, meals, etc. I don’t have the money. It would be a great start to help my son, get back into his life. This would be a great start toward getting him ready for college. He wants to go to college, but first needs the life skills that Earthhouse woud give.

  12. admin says:


    you may want to look into some type of government disability grant for this. I don’t think this falls into the scholarship catagory. Social security may be able to direct you for this. Go to government disability financial aid and grants too.

  13. Salvatore says:

    I am 18 years old and I enrolled as a Freshmen to a Christian College in Tennessee about a month or two ago. I saw a few different psychologists after I started school and they diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia. I was reluctant to turn in my results and go on medication because I didn’t want to close doors for myself in the future. Although, school is difficult because I am in a constant dream state. If I go on medication, will I most likely be able to get this scholarship? Is there a certain time I must be on my medication before I apply? Can I attend any school in the U.S. that is of reasonable price with this scholarship? Thank you for reading and God bless.

  14. admin says:


    as since you have an official doctors diagnosis you should be able to apply now. You must apply directly to the sponsor of the scholarship and direct your questions to them because criteria tends to change from year to year. You may want to look into disability scholarships at the college your at now too.

  15. nyra says:

    I hear and see things and am diagnosed with depression and mood swings. Am I eligible for any scholarships or grants? If so, how can I find them?

  16. admin says:


    you may be eligible for depression scholarships since you are diagnosed with depression but as far as schizophrenia scholarships you must be diagnosed with schizophrenia to be eligible to apply to these scholarships.

  17. Summer Camps says:

    You you could make changes to the webpage subject Unknown Disability Schizophrenia Scholarships Grants for College | DisabilityScholarships.us to something more generic for your webpage you create. I loved the blog post withal.

  18. Megan says:

    I am 30 years old diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I want to pursue my dream in game design and development. I am already enrolled with Southern New Hampshire university. I will be attending classes through their online program. I am starting March 3 2014. I have been on disability for 7 years and I would like to furthur my education. I am currently medicated and I am under my physicians care and treatment. Do I qualify? I did get finacial aid but just enough to cover the cost of classes and some materials. I desperstely need my own computer for classes. I am considered poverty level by most standards and only make enough with my disability to pay for rent and bills. If I were to recieve any money it would be strickly for my education. Thank you.

  19. admin says:


    you should check firstly with the FinAids office at the college you are attending to see what new disability offerings they have for students attending their. This can change from month to month. Have you filled out your FAFSA for year 2014? If not do so now.

    Next, search for foundations or support organizations which provide support for people with your condition. Many times they have scholarships and FinAid which you can apply to.

    See more at: https://www.disability.gov/ under the education link – scholarships and FinAid.

  20. can any one from world apply for your scholarships!! i am abhishek tiwari and i am currently on schizophrenia medication

  21. admin says:


    before you apply you may want to contact the scholarship sponsor of you will be applying to via their contact page and ask that question.

  22. deepak says:

    Hi i m deepak prasad. I am schizophrenic and challenging this debilatting disease i m from india and willing to apply for scholarships and awards.am i eligible

  23. admin says:


    you should apply to all those scholarships & grants we write about where you feel you are matching up to their scholarship criteria. Have you looked into Canadian bursaries?

  1. January 7, 2012

    […] from Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Schizophreniform. These¬†Schizophrenia scholarships are issued for every school year between October and […]

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