Unique Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships for Disabled

Epilepsy Scholarships

Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships

The unique Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships for disabled are awarded each year to twenty- five students who have overcome the obstacles associated with epilepsy. These students must also be participating successfully towards educational excellence. They must also show that they have been successful in outside activities in the community as well. They must present the enthusiasm that they are out to get the most out of their college or graduate educational experience. A panel of judges made up of experts in education and medicine will decide which twenty-five hard working students will take home the Pfizer scholarships for disabled students. These twenty-five winners will each take home a one- year, $3,000 epilepsy scholarship from Pfizer.

As with all disabilities scholarship programs there are requirements and criteria that must be meant before an applicant is eligible for the award. Students that are applying for the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships must be under a doctor’s care for epilepsy. They must also be enrolled in an educational facility as a high school senior who has applied to college or some type of accredited university. They may also be a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college. In addition, they may also be a college senior who has already applied to graduate school. This is the basic criterion required for those who want to apply for the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships. However, there are some more things the interested applicant will need to do be considered for this honored award.

Each applicant will have to write a 250- word essay. They may pick from one of the following four categories:

1. How have you dealt personally, socially and academically with epilepsy?
2. What does living with epilepsy mean to you?
3. Has anyone specifically assisted you in your success, and how?
4. Is there a special achievement that you are most proud of?

All applicants must also provide transcripts to show proof of their grades. They must also present some proof of their out of the classroom community activities. In addition, they will need to letters of recommendation. One of these letters must be from your doctor. The other letter can be from a family member, a teacher, an employer or a coach. The doctor’s letter should describe in detail the obstacles that you have hurdled, how long you have been diagnosed with epilepsy and the reasons why you should win an epilepsy scholarship for disabled from Pfizer.

The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarships were created in 1994. Pfizer sponsors these disabilities scholarships. If you were looking for the world’s largest research-based bio-medical and pharmaceutical company you would certainly find it to be Pfizer. The corporate headquarters for Pfizer is located in New York City. Pfizer is dedicated to finding the best options for medicine and treatment for all that suffer an illness. The deadline for applying for the Pfizer Epilepsy scholorship is May 1st annually. For more info on applying for this unique scholarship, go to Pfizer Scholarships for disabled.

*This scholarship may no longer be available and students should inquire at the link above to inquire about any new student awards Pfizer may be offering.

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  1. admin says:

    The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program also provides Epilepsy scholarships. You do not have to have epilepsy to apply, but people living with epilepsy, their family members, or caregivers, are encouraged to apply for this scholarship for epilepsy. This is from the Epilepsy Foundation. UCB, Inc., (The Epilepsy Company) will administer thirty epilepsy scholarships in 2009. The scholarships for epilepsy students will be broken down as follows:

    1) Twenty $5,000 scholarships to people with epilepsy
    2) Ten $5,000 scholarships to family members or caregivers of people with epilepsy.

    For questions and the latest up to date answers about The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program you can contact below:
    Hudson Medical Communications
    Phone: 1-866-825-1920
    E-mail: questions@hudsonmc.com

  2. Thomas (Austin) Shelton says:

    please send me the Pfizer scholarship application

  3. admin says:


    go to Pfizer scholarships. September is when you can start to apply.

  4. Shaquionna Barnes says:

    Could you please send me current information on the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship or any other epilepsy scholarships that you offer? The website is showing an application deadline of 2009 so I want to make sure that I receive the most current information.

    Thank you,

  5. allison DiBiase says:

    please send me the Pfizer 2015 Epilepsy Scholarship application

  6. admin says:


    I believe this award may no longer be offered, but there may be another one similar. You can contact them here to inquire:


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