Student Aid Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Going off to college is a pleasant experience for everyone. However, sometimes this experience only happens to students who can afford to pay for university or college tuition, and other expensive costs that come with attending these institutions; and for those who get scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Not many parents and students know how many options there are concerning student aid scholarships for students with disabilities.

With the help of grants, fellowships, scholarships for students with disabilities and other such financial-supportive awards, students who cannot afford to pay for higher education costs can live the amazing college experience. Regardless if you’re looking into getting a student loan or a scholarship that covers the tuition fully or only partially, any form of financial aid must be greatly appreciated. Many times, if a student looks thoroughly, he or she can discover that combinations of outside funding resources and financial aid from the federal government or various organizations can help pay for a student’s education.

Financial Aid for Disabled Students

There are numerous financial gifts offered to students with disabilities by organizations, groups and through state and federal government programs. When a student first starts looking into his or her options for supporting themselves financially through school, there are a few main possible sources that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the parent of a student with disabilities can check with their employer to see if any financial aid or tuition reimbursement is offered. Moreover, some employers even offer scholarships for their employees’ children who graduate high-school.

Another thing that parents can do in order to get scholarships for disabled students is to check with any organizations their affiliated with and see what financial support they offer for their members’ children. Organizations such as The Elks Club and labor unions like Teamsters and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) offer scholarships for both members and dependent children of their members. Even synagogues and churches offer scholarships for students with disabilities, thus it’s best to check every possible option that comes to mind.

A must-do step is to consult the high-school’s guidance counselor of the financial aid office of the institution a student has been accepted to in order to see what financial assistance for disabled students they offer.

Five Important Student Aid for Students with Disabilities Programs

1. The Jewish Guild for the Blind offers students blind scholarships who are legally blind between 12 and 16 each year. Each scholarship amounts up to $15,000 and students can apply for it early in their senior year to receive the award later that year. The application form is submitted online and the deadline for submission is September 15.

2. The Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship is awarded by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. This scholarship for disabled students amounts $10,000 and is addressed towards senior high-school students, two per year, who wish to pursue undergraduate studies. The graduating high-school students who apply for this scholarship need to have documented learning disabilities and who are determined to getting their college degree and pursue a professional degree thereafter.

3. The Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarships is an award created by Loreen Arbus and is directed towards disabled student film makers or students whose creations help shed light on disabled students. The scholarship programs started in 2010 and the award consists of $10,000.

4. The ChairScholars Foundation Scholarships offers financial aid for students with disabilities, both college freshmen and high-school seniors, amounting $20,000. The funds of the scholarship can be used to pay for tuition at any university and college from any state and is available to all students in the US. The application deadline for this scholarship is February 15.

5. The Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities offers those who want to get a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree, or a degree related field such as software engineering. Scholarships awarded amount $10,000 for US students and CAD$5,000 for Canadian students.

The five disability scholarships presented above are only a few of the numerous options available for disabled students. As mentioned before, there are many more companies, organizations, foundations, religious groups and federal government programs that offer student aid scholarships for students with disabilities. For more options, check the list of state agencies that can be consulted with regard to educational financial support linked below.



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36 Responses

  1. pradeep subedi says:

    what about the scholarship for student with some kind of mental phobia

  2. pradeep subedi says:

    what about the scholarship for student with some kind of phobia?

  3. admin says:


    this would fall under the catagory of mental illness scholarships. It must be a diagnosed affliction in order to qualify.

  4. admin says:


    the phobia must be a diagnosed mental illness in order to qualify for a disability scholarship. This would be a mental illness scholarship.

  5. Arianne says:

    ive been in school since august and i have financial aid but its hard for me to keep up or pay attention and i have to try and teach myself most of the time because i cant listen to the teacher. i have a learning disability in reading,math, and punctuation and i also have depression and severe adhd and im diagnosed with them all. if im already in school can i still apply? because im still going to have to pay something every month and i dont have much money.

  6. admin says:


    you state you already have financial aid so I’m confused as to your question. You can still apply to just about any student aid while still in school – in fact I encourage you to apply to as much as you can. I would make an appointment with your financial aids manager at your college to discuss all options for you and then apply to them once they are available to you. It seems like you should qualify for need based grants if your finances are low along with the disabilities you appear to have.

  7. timothy says:

    im currently on ssi/ssdi for A.D.D./P.D.D. and ive been on it for a while now and i wanted to find out if im elegible for a grant from the government to go to school

  8. admin says:


    go to unknown government disability scholarships to read more. As a last resort go to no co-signer student loans which are a good viable option because they are given out by the government with great payback terms! Have you read up on learning disability scholarships?

  9. Chad says:

    What Kind of Scholarships do you have for college students with inoperable brain tumors?

  10. admin says:


    go to government disability scholarships to read more. You may have to consider student loans with no cosigners as a last resort. They are government loans and terms are excellent. Have you looked into the Pell grant yet?

    Go to scholarship list to get started in the right direction. Unknown scholarship idea’s is also good reading. Read also easy scholarships for college.

  11. greg zaca says:

    Cannot find any scholarships for Type 1 diabetes and learning disability. Many are confined to one particular state.

  12. Deanna says:

    Is there a scholarship for students with Cerebral Palsy?

  13. admin says:


    go to learning disability scholarships to to read more. Go to government disability scholarships too.
    You may want to look into government student loans with no cosigner needed as a very good last option. Look also into Pell grants.

  14. admin says:


    sorry for the delay. A new post was just published so go to Cerebral Palsy scholarships. Also go to Pfizer Scholarships which may help too.

  15. Ashley Guillory says:

    I ‘am 19 and in College but i need help with books and meds.for my disibility. I have struggled all through school school but now I am in college and planned to complete my studies in Medical Technolgy.

  16. admin says:


    need based grants should help you – apply at the college your attending. Also read unknown Government Disability Scholarships which may help you. No cosigner student loans as a last resort – although a good one too.

  17. Anita De Lois says:

    I am a disabled woman with Spina Bifida who wishes to take classes online. Is there any such thing as financial aid for this purpose?

  18. admin says:


    go to unknown government disability scholarships. Read more at unusual disability scholarships for Spina Bifida. Look for disability scholarships in general and you should be able to use the monies for any type of higher education – online or not. Contact online colleges as well as Spina Bifida organizations to see if they can assist you in a direction of getting disability student aid. Online colleges may be you best bet because they will want to help you so you attend there online college program.

  19. zahra says:

    Iam a disabled artist from Iran.What kind of scholarships do you have for international studentsor artists?

  20. Steve says:

    What about 56 year old males with 2 artificial hips who desire to improve their lot in life by returning to school?

  21. admin says:


    read about these unknown scholarship ideas which may help. Look into need based grants and or student aid. You would be well advise to sit down with a FinAids officer to discuss your desired college’s packages for men with your profile to see what they can do. You may be surprised. Student loans without a cosigner needed is a good last option. Community college first then university to finish would be a good low cost plan.

  22. Bisel says:

    I was looking at some of your articles on this internet site and I believe this website is really informative! Keep on putting up.

  23. Cindy says:

    My son is completely blind in his right eye and has limited vision in his left. Does he qualify for a visually impaired scholarship?

  24. admin says:


    I don’t see why not. When applying to any disability or vision scholarship, always inquire via the scholarship sponsors contact webpage. Also go to easiest scholarships ever. This scholarship is time sensitive and it may work for you.

  25. Nicole says:

    Is there a scholarship for a someone who has asthma and who has severe anaphylazis to several foods (i.e. nuts, milk, seafood, tomato, fruit)?

  26. admin says:


    their are asthma scholarships – as far as food allergies – we are not aware of them. You should go visit websites which offer support to Anaphylazis to see if they offer a scholarship to students with this affliction. Try

  27. I’m an adult student looking to go back to school. I’ve had two back surgeries have arthritis in back, I’m 100% disabled.
    I’ve also had two knee surgeries have arthritis in both knees 100% disabled.I have arthritis in my hips,adds to disabilities. I have chronic pain through out my body, and diagnosis with depression. What specific scholarships do i qualify for. Kevin

  28. admin says:


    you can apply to any disability scholarship program which just requires ANY disability to apply. I would look into organizations which provide support for each specific disability you have to see what student aid programs they have. There should be many arthritis foundations that offer scholarships for arthritis. Look into spinal foundations too. Read more about depression scholarships.

  29. Chris says:

    Is there any scholarships for people with Ostegenesis Imperfecta (OI, brittle bone disease) I am trying to go back to college and get into the medical field which will be less strain on my body. I work full time but the cost of college is too much. With all the broken bones and having to take time off work I cannot afford to go back to school and I do not qualify for financial aid. It seems like a spiral I cannot get out of. Please help!!

  30. Chris says:

    ill check it out, thanks for the help!!

  31. admin says:


    you’re welcome!

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