Scholarships for Students with Disabilities from MSU

Scholarships for Disabled Students

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities frpm MSU

Many universities have scholarships for students with disabilities, and Michigan State is no exception. In fact they have disability scholarships that are very good and worth a look for those disabled students looking to further their education.

They also refer you to other disability student aid organizations that may be very helpful.

MSU has many offerings to choose from and there may one for you!

Study Abroad Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

This MSU disability scholarship to study abroad program will give disabled students exposure to studying abroad and are interested in participating in a international research project; not something easily done by disability students. It’s worth $3,000 and students can apply if:

*Have a documented disability.
*Have applied to a MSU study abroad program.
*Meet eligibility criteria for this program.
*Demonstrate financial need.

Hal and Phyllis Wochholz Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship for Undergraduate and Graduate Students Majoring in Engineering at MSU

This award’s objective is to recognize engineering students who are undergraduate as well as graduate Michigan residents. To apply students must have a physical or sensory disability. This is a full tuition disability scholarship that spans 4 years where students must complete an engineering degree along with an acceptable GPA.

Dr. Hy & Myra Shapiro Spartan Advantage Scholarship for Disability Students

Those disabled students who are deaf or hard of hearing automatically get consideration for this award upon applying to MSU. To apply you must show financial need and strong GPA. This will be renewed yearly upon meeting academic standards.

The Charles & Philippa Webb Endowed Scholars Award for Disability Students

Must be an undergraduate enrolled in elementary or secondary education fields of study and have a documented disability that requires academic support related to their disability beyond whats required by law, and registered with the RCPD.

Read more about the above at: Michigan State University Disability scholarships.

MSU also offers; or has listed on their website a page that has many well known disability scholarships that you can apply to even if you do not plan on attending MSU. They are applicable at any college and these are worth a look. You may already be familiar with some of them, but it’s always good to be reminded of them so you can put those application dates on your scholarship calendar so you remember to apply to them when they come up.

Some of the most notable ones are from the Disabled American Veterans, Incight Scholarship, Lilly Reintegration Scholarship, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, American Council of the Blind, and 1800wheelchair Scholarship to name a few.

Other Disability Resources for Students

Some Great Resources for Disabled students looking for scholarships is to check out the Social Security Administration Blind Or Have Low Vision Assistance. This is government assistance programs for all disabled people that should be thoroughly read and understood.

Also; MSU has a scholarship search tool that mat connect disability students to other scholarships to apply to. Go here:

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online has on their website which offers 6000 foundations & public charities that fund individual grant seekers (this can be you). It’s searchable using 9 various categories. Links to 500 foundation websites can be discovered here. This may be a gold mine for those looking for a list of disability scholarships.

Services for Students with Disabilities from the University of Michigan offers disability scholarships ranging in the amount of $500 to $4000 coming from the The Ridley Foundation,
The Beaver Knox, Adam Miller, and Wesley Smith. For more details on call : (734) 763-1082.

Other resources can be accessed here and are worth the time to look into them at the MSU website for disability students on getting financial aid to attend college.



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