Scholarships For Students With Disabilities from Fit Small Business

Scholarships For Students With Disabilities

Scholarships For Students With Disabilities from Fit Small Business

Their are general disability scholarships for disabled Students offered from that are worth a look, because they do not put any restrictions on what type of disability a student has in order to apply. These are our favorites because they include every student who has some disability, and not just in a certain specific disability category who is looking for disability scholarships.

This is a very broad application pool, IF students are aware of this award. Chances are many will not be aware of this disability educational scholarship so it may be very worth it to apply for a chance to win.

Who is

Their mission statement is that they help in finding the very best software and services, along with smart financing for business owners in a quick and easy manner by providing in-depth reviews and comparisons of popular business software, services, and financing options. Along with that they also give free custom recommendations specifically for your business.

They give product reviews & recommendations via their website and also respond to questions in their Q&A forum. They also give lots of information on how to start, manage and market your business. Financing alternatives are given as well.

They help you succeed in business and make sure you don’t do it alone by navigating towards the use of technology and smart business services and giving the business owner access to financing to get them where they want to go.

The founders of Fit Small Business believe that if you have the right information your chances of succeeding in business will multiply exponentially. This is easy to understand and makes perfect sense too. All too often people fail at business because they don’t have the right information, or business plan for that matter to keep them going in their desired direction. Fit Small Business feels that they will keep you on your path which will lead to business success and the right plan will get you there.

Fit Small Business Disability Scholarships Guidelines

Any student with a documented disability can apply and they must be enrolled in an undergraduate OR graduate degree program in the spring or fall school year. It must be an accredited American college, university or trade school. Students applying can submit their applications starting August 1st and the deadline is December 4th. Winners to be announced January 8th.

Applicants must submit a 500 to 1000 word essay about what you learned from writing a business plan. The essay topic is – “What I learned from writing a Business Plan.”

Some of the topics students may write about are:

– What I learned about researching (blank) for the business plan.
– What I learned about the (blank) industry during researching the business plan.
– What I learned about the key assumptions that my plan depended on.
– Why I no longer thought the the business was viable after writing the plan.
– How and why the business plan changed during the process of getting feedback.

The award amount is $1,000, which may not seem like a lot, but winning it may be much more reachable then many of the other disability scholarships offered because guidelines are very fair to all who apply; and not partial to the select few who normally apply to scholarships.

You can apply online by going to Business Plan Scholarship For Students With Disabilities.

The main focus of the Fit Small Business Disability Scholarship is to make aware to all those who apply that to be successful in any business venture requires much planning and researching firstly, prior to attempting to start any type of business.

Just as the saying goes that ‘Wars are won off the battlefield with proper preparation’; it holds true for starting any business whatsoever. Without the proper due diligence a business, or war is doomed to failure 100% of the time.

The above is a wonderful disability scholarship to apply to simply because of the great learning experience students will realize from writing about the required topic essay. It will make students realize in anything in life by properly preparing for it ahead of time is essential for success to follow.

In other words poor preparation will equal an unsuccessful venture in all things, not only in starting a business but in marriage, academics, sports, a job or anything else one tackles in life.

Thorough preparation will bring success in most all things.

Apply now for a chance to win and learn at the same time with the Fit Small Business Scholarship for disabled students.

Read more about general disability scholarships.



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