Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

Scholarships for Disabled Nurses can be found at This website originally started as a grass roots effort to assist disabled nurses in any way possible.

Donna Maheady, Ed.D., ARNP is the founder of the website, and got her inspiration from her daughter who is mentally disabled.

She has taught disabled nursing students over twenty years, so she has what it takes to mentor and advise on a higher level.

These types of websites are gold, and their should be many more of them today, not only in nursing but other fields of study as well.

They really give what their students are looking for on all levels, which what people are looking for.

They also have a blog located at: which is very good reading, and one gets a sense of community when you’re their.

It’s a great resource center by the way!

You may change your field of study to nursing once you visit this site because once their, it becomes apparent that nursing is much more then a job; it’s a calling to many people – male as well as female.

You will discover that it’s their life, it’s what defines them, and it’s who they are! This is what they live for, and once their, you get the sense that they all found who they really are.

It’s like it’s a special club!

Complete list of Scholarships for Disabled Nurses from

The first scholarship awarded was in August of 2003, and has continued yearly to this day. Eight yearly awards are given out to those who are selected.

The first is the Genevieve Saran Richmond Award awarded for $500.00 sponsored by Leslie and Virginia Fiur.

The second is the Mary Serra Gili Scholarship Award for $250.00 donated by Thomas Gili.

The third is the Bruno Rolando Scholarship Award for $250.00, and those employed by a Veteran’s hospital will be given top consideration on this disability scholarship program.

The fourth is the Anna May Rolando Scholarship Award for $500.00, and preference to graduate students who have experience in working with people with disabilities will be given.

The fifth is the disability scholarship of $250.00. Preference will be shown to undergraduate students showing exceptional interest in the nursing field of study.

The sixth is the Caroline Simpson Maheady Scholarship Award for $250.00, with preference shown to an undergraduate student with a Scottish decent who demonstrates a past ability in working with people who have a disability.

The seventh disability scholarship is the Peter Gili Scholarship Award for $500.00 sponsored by friends & family members of Peter Gili in his memory.

The eighth is the Jill Laura Creedon Scholarship Award for $500.00 given to a nursing student with a disability or medical challenge. It is financially funded by the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, all in memory of Jill Laura Creedon.

On the website there is the original essay submitted by Jill when she submitted her application. It’s good reading and inspirational too. Go here: to read it.

Our hats are off in honor to all who have volunteered their financial scholarship gifts for all of the above awards.

It’s truly inspirational!

Requirements of the Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

First off, all applicants must have a documented disability to apply, and will be studying nursing in school on a full time basis.

Applicants can apply online via the website under the ‘scholarship’ tab. Their you will see the application.

Next; you will need three letters of recommendations from someone who can certify of your character and academic prowess. I have to believe that these letters will make or break your application. Recommendation letters coming from people of authority, such as teachers, ex coaches or councilors who know you and can vouch for your character would be much much better.

An essay of 1-2 pages must be included too. Your official transcripts of high school/and or college courses completed with a medical ‘Verification of Disability Form’.

All the above must be submitted by June the 1st to:

Please mail to:
Scholarship Committee
13019 Coastal Circle
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33410

Please address any questions or suggestions to Dr. Maheady at:
13019 Coastal Circle
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33410 are one of the neatest scholarships for disability students today, and future nursing students will be glade they visited this site to apply.



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