Rise Scholarships for Students With Learning Disabilities

Scholarships for Students With Learning Disabilities

Rise Scholarships for Students With Learning Disabilities

The Rise scholarships for students with learning disabilities are perfect for those disability students who have a learning disability or diagnosed with ASD.

Those disabled students who have ADHD or ADD alone will not qualify for this award.

Theses scholarships for  disabilities are sponsored by Rise Scholarship Foundation, Inc. They are a not for profit resource & scholarship connection for those high the school students who learn adversely.

Whats nice about this disability student financial aid is that it is national in nature, consequently meaning anyone anywhere throughout the US can apply and win the Rise scholarship program.

More and more, many of the student disability awards we are runnig across nowadays are becoming more geographical in nature.

Geographical scholarships & grants will only allow students who live in a certain, district, county, state or other, apply for the scholarship in question.

This essentially rules everyone else out across the nation who does NOT live in the designated area!

*We try and post more awards national in nature so all can apply to them, wherever you live, if at all possible.

Criteria for applying for the Rise Scholarship Foundation Award

Those disability students who apply must be a senior in high school presently looking to attend college at an accredited school.

Also they must be a US citizen with a GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. This is very fair for those students looking to apply who are not in the upper area close to 4.0, which many scholarships & grants require.

All those who apply also must have a documented learning disability, or diagnosed with ASD. Again, you cannot apply if your diagnosed with ADHD or ADD alone.

The reason Rise gives for this is that they are a volunteer organization and that they are NOT able to handle the shere volume of applicants from ADD & ADHD students as well.

This makes perfect sense because 11% of students are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD presently – which is a huge number.

A reference letter form a high school teacher or counselor, or even the principal of the school student is presently attending.

Application deadline is usually February 15th every year. Check the website months in advance for any special notices that may appear in October, which is the date students can start to apply.

Home-schooled children eligible to apply, which is always nice because many are not allowed to throw there hat in the ring for an opportunity to win.

Five awards valued at $2500 each will be doled out every year. The money is paid directly to the college or university which the winner has decided to attend and will be paid after high school graduation, and is to be used for tuition, room & board and books.

The Rise foundation has found that more LD students tend to attend more Junior colleges than universities. Rise does not differentiate between the two.

You can see that from the above, that the Rise scholarship criteria for learning disability or diagnosed with ASD students, is pretty straight forward.

One just needs an official diagnoses to apply if they are a high school senior who is college bound.

The competition of students won’t nearly be as large, since ADD & ADHD students will not be applying either.

Apply to the Rise scholarships for disabled students today!



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12 Responses

  1. Daniel Maduk says:

    May you help African disabled, who needs scholarship like me?

  2. admin says:


    look into your government bursary programs for there the easiest to apply to and get for your country.

  3. Matt Ramsey says:

    I worked my way through a master’s degree, as a tutor of student athletes; are there scholarships or grant money for LD individuals who want to pursue doctorates or beyond?


    Matt Ramsey

  4. admin says:


    not sure but any scholarship grant program you seem to fit the criteria for send an email to the sponsor of the award to see if they do indeed have a program for you. Usually the cut off is Master programs for most.

  5. Becky Parr says:

    My son graduated from High School last year. He has a learning disability in Math. Since he has been out of school for a year, can he still apply for this scholarship?

  6. admin says:


    he should be able to apply on most any scholarship; but I would first ask the scholarship sponsor before applying via email at their contact page of their website.

  7. Becky Parr says:


  8. admin says:


    your welcome!

  9. Dina says:

    Thinking about going back too school. I have a learning disability in math i have been out of school since 1998. I Would love to apply for a scholarship. Really nervous!! Where should i start?

  10. admin says:


    apply to general disability scholarships firstly, then look into regular Math scholarship programs you can apply to. Go to this list of college scholarships which may help.

  11. Nathaniel Bunker says:

    I am a High School senior going into college with Asperger’s Syndrome. Is the RiSE scholarship the only available scholarship for ASD college-bound seniors?

  12. admin says:


    best bet is to search for organizations which provide help and support for people with Asperger’s Syndrome. A lot of the times they have educational grants and scholarships you may apply to because of your disability.

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