Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarships for Disabled Students by Shire

Scholarships for Disabled Students

Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarships for Disabled Students by Shire

These ADHD scholarships for disabled students are provided under Shire US Inc. Shire Inc. is a global bio-pharmaceutical company that sponsors the disability scholarships, and also partakes to make sure that the students who suffer from ADHD, and their families are able to live a normal life by going through some of the best schools in the country.

These disability scholarships were started in honor of Michael Yasick, who has since passed on. It was his vision that saw the scholarship program come to fruition.

It is a disability student program that was designed for students who are battling ADHD.

The students who are eligible for this award have to be legal residents of the US, apart from which they have to be accepted into a college, university, technical school, vocational school or a trade school that is accredited within the country.

The disability college scholarship is also open for application to students who are expecting to be enrolled in the particular institutions of learning mentioned.

ADHD scholarships for disabled students elgibility criteria

There are a number of rules and regulations that are in place to oversee the application and eligibility criteria for the scholarship award. The student or the hopeful applicant has to submit their contact details, a letter of recommendation and a personal essay detailing how they will benefit from this disabled scholarship, and how they plan to use this to help others in society who are facing a similar challenge.

Besides this, the ADHD educational award is normally given based on merit, and with a special emphasis on those who have been taking part in volunteer, extracurricular or community based activities.

The learning scholarships are awarded on a one time basis, and the recipients normally get a $2,000 disabled scholarship for the year. Apart from that they also get a full year of ADHD coaching which is run by the Edge Foundation.

It is important to mention that the overall value of the coaching is at around $4,400. The award is normally given to 55 different applicants every other year as long as they meet the award criteria that is stipulated by the committee.

Though (55) ADHD scholarships for disabled students are awarded to applicants, 5 of them are normally handed over either to the employees of the scholarship sponsor, a family member that qualifies for the award or any individual that serves as the guardian of the employee (an individual that lives with the awardees).

However in as far as eligibility for the scholarship is concerned the employees that work with the Scholarship Sponsor are not eligible for the rest of the 50 disabilities scholarships for ADHD.

Selection for this award normally depends on so many things especially the caliber of the applicants that have been received so far in the course of the application process.

Besides that however, the student has to be enrolled in an undergrad program in an accredited institution of learning in the US. It is important to note that graduate students are not eligible for this award. The undergraduate program in question should be for a 2-4 year program.

Since graduate students are not allowed to apply for these scholarships for disabled students, it follows that graduate programs are also excluded from the eligibility criteria.

The applicant also has to be a legal resident in any of the 50 states in the US or the District of Columbia.

By the time you are making your application for the scholarship, you must have been diagnosed with ADHD and be under the care of a licensed care facility or care provider for persons with ADHD. This will have to be confirmed with a licensed health professional before you are considered for the award altogether.

Once the medical professional has confirmed the diagnosis for ADHD, they will then submit your certification of diagnosis and send it to Shire before you can be considered for the award.

In terms of the eligibility for the disability scholarship award, the following persons are not considered for the award. These include agents, vendors and consultants of the scholarship sponsor, immediate family members or even spouses of the applicant.

Read more at: Michael Yasick Shire Scholarships.

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    sir i m disable student from pakistan i m deserving also can you help me i m student of medical please sir can you do anything for me

  2. admin says:


    have you looked into your own country’s educational programs? This is a good first start. Most government websites are overlooked; and are sometimes the best. Have you spoken to the financial aids office of the college you are interested in going to -if not you should. Most all college’s have disability grants and scholarship programs. Have you looked into student bursaries for college? Look also into organizations which provide support for your disability – many have educational awards you can apply to. Foundations which are associated with your disability are also worth looking into.

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