Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarships for Disabilities

Eli Lilly and Company sponsors the Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarships for Disabilities. These disability scholarships are only available for those who are recovering from Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Schizophreniform. These Schizophrenia scholarships are issued for every school year between October and January.

The Reintegration Scholarships are built upon the principle that those who have been affected by mental illness are still capable of reaching goals and dreams. Mental illness, like any disability, can make the journey to obtain those goals and dreams a lot tougher. The Center for Reintegration believes that this journey can be a lot easier with support and education. The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship is designed to offset the tuition, lab fees and books for those who are attending school and suffering from mental illness. The disability scholarship was created over 12 years ago. In order for those afflicted with this disease to reintegrate back into society education and vocational skills must be supported. That is where the Center for Reintegration and the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship come in.

Anyone who suffers from a mental illness has certainly heard the word ‘integration’. Integration is an important element in the process of recovery. The goal is to allow the afflicted to have a meaningful life. To allow them to be independent and live in a place that it is theirs. They need to be able to function on a daily basis within the community of family and friends. All of these relate to the process of reintegration.

The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship program was created to provide assistance for a varied range of opportunities in education. This applies to those who are working towards a certificate or degree from an accredited education facility. Online educational programs are not included in this disability scholarship. It does cover High School equivalency programs, Trade or Vocational School programs, Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree programs or Graduate Degree programs. This is not a full schizophrenia scholarship. It will not cover any living expenses, only books, fees, tuition and lab supplies. Other eligibility requirements include that the student must be receiving medical treatment for the disease. This must include some form of medication and psychiatric follow up. The applicant must also be participating in rehabilitation or reintegration activities. The applicant should also be a US Citizen attending school in the USA.

The Center for Integration normally receives around a thousand applications for the Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarship each year. The amount of money awarded to each successful recipient varies widely as does the amount of awards that are issued. Typically around 70 schizophrenia scholarships may be awarded. If you feel that you are eligible for this disabled scholarship you may file your application after October 1st. You can find your application at Lilly Reintegration Schizophrenia Scholarships for Disabilities. The Center for Integration firmly believes that mental illness need not be a hindrance to your success.

If you are thinking about a career in Rehabilitation for those who may have disabilities consider the RSA Scholarships. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) monitored by the US Department of Education, provides grants to colleges and universities to provide rehabilitation scholarship assistance to students with an aim to pursue a career in rehabilitation such as rehabilitation counseling, undergraduate education in the rehabilitation services and research and technology improvement for rehabilitation services.


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16 Responses

  1. Jai Knuth says:

    I have schizophrenia. I believe I will study mechanical engineering at und. That I will build a spaceship faster than light based on kirchoffs laws. That I will build the prototype event horizon. Ive had 12 psychiatrists that have all told me im insane. I just am here to win the scholarship.

  2. admin says:


    you may apply to any of the scholarships written about on our site but you must go directly to the sponsor of the scholarships website to apply to most. Go to free student loan scholarship search to do a fast and easy scholarship search to get started right away.

  3. Justin noble says:

    Hello. My name is Justin and I suffer with schizophrenia but want to further ny education so that I may be able to earn a certificate in welding. I believe this career choice is wise as our society will always have need employees with these skills learned. I have applied for admissions to victor valley college to take the class to help me get my GED and the certificate in welding. I want to have a successful future even thoug it will be difficult for me. Failure is not an option for ne. I would use the grant wisely and would appreciate your considering me. Thank you.

  4. admin says:


    read about club scholarships which may help and unknown college scholarships which has some creative ideas on how to get easy scholarships.

  5. Shannon says:

    Hi, I’m a 37 year old female stay at home mom who wants to further my education. I suffer from depression, bipolar, anxiety and ptsd. I am on meds, see a therapist and am doing things to better myself. I currently work on a volunteer basis as a crisis response advocate and want to work in this field as a social worker. I would like to know between what dates you accept applications for the 2011-2012 year and if you can rec any other scholarships?

  6. admin says:


    read more at scholarships for moms which may help you..

  7. admin says:


    contact them directly with your questions at:

    For more information please contact us via:

    Phone: 800-809-8202
    Mail: Lilly Secretariat
    PMB 327
    310 Busse Highway
    Park Ridge, IL 60068-3251

  8. Cecil says:

    Well I?m adding this RSS to my email and could glance out for much more of your respective intriguing content. Make sure you replace this again very soon..

  9. Matthew Moore says:

    My name is Matthew, im a sufferer of paranoid schizophrenia. Developed within the past year. Although i plan to further my education, financial issues are major concern. Im looking into all possibilities for financial aid.

  10. admin says:


    read also more schizophrenia scholarships. As a last resort – no cosigner student loans are a very good option. More reading which may help you is easy to get scholarships, the easy Antioch college scholarships and unknown scholarships for college.

  11. melissa ann giacobe says:

    melissa ann giacobe grant for personal use

    my name is Melissa, I am currenly requesting a grant for personal use, for a nice apartment in nyc, food, fancy dinners, nice clothes, medical expenses, . I am currently being treated by a doctor, I am waiting to hear from a relative, currently unemployed, disabled, basically in good health and mind,

    illness hearing voices, once working adult,

  12. admin says:


    we write about educational grants and scholarships only. You may want to contact the state department in which you live to inquire into what you may be looking for.

  13. lula says:

    I would also like all the stuff Melissa wants. this at least made me laugh this morning. Melissa if you find funding like that , sign me up too!

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