Lighthouse International Assists Students with Disabilities Scholarships

Lighthouse International Assists Students with Disabilities Scholarships for Blind Scholarships

If you’re looking for unusual scholarships for people with disabilities, learn more about Lighthouse International and their visually impaired scholarship program. This is an unique non-profit organization that has made it possible for many people coping with physical challenges to further their education. If you need help with pursuing your college education, find out how this foundation can help you today!

This unusual disability scholarships foundation is home to the Filomen M D’Agostino Greenberg Music School, where more than 100 students of all ages attend to enjoy and study music despite their sight impairment. Students from public and private schools and universities throughout the state of New York who are committed to musical excellence attend this school.

Professional musicians are invited to participate in this music program as well. Enrollment is funded through companies and businesses dedicated to offering disability scholarships to music lovers with vision problems. The school offers both public performances and CDs to help support tuition costs.

To fund other scholarships for students with disabilities, Lighthouse International also hosts a Golf and Tennis Classic each year. For a fee, persons interested in supporting these disability scholarships can arrange to play golf or tennis, enjoy dinner, and know that their efforts are making a unique contribution toward the education of persons who need a disability scholarship.

If you’d rather shop than enjoy a round of golf or a tennis match, considering supporting scholarships for people with disabilities by shopping at Lighthouse International’s POSH store. Located in White Plains, New York, this store offers new and secondhand designer clothes for men, women, and children at prices far below retail value.

The POSH shop is dedicated to funding tuition scholarships for people coping with visual challenges. Supplied by donations from interested businesses and organizations, proceeds are directed toward helping fund visual disabilities scholarships. The store was founded as a result of the overwhelming success experienced by Lighthouse International with their annual POSH charity event.
Last year, the store went on the road – with a show in Palm Beach – for the winter. After the show, a huge dinner affair was held to celebrate the organization’s success and seek scholarships funds from persons and businesses interested in donating money to benefit higher education.

One particular disability scholarship administered by Lighthouse International is the Christine H. Eide Memorial Scholarship for the blind. This tuition assistance is designated for persons who are legally blind, and are attending school full-time. Winners may be undergraduate or graduate students, but must be attending an accredited college or university.

This visual impairment scholarship award is offered in the amount of $500, and students may be eligible to receive a one-time repeat award of the same amount. The deadline for the fall semester was September 5, 2008, so watch for next year’s deadline and apply so that you don’t let this unusual vision scholarship go unclaimed!

Join the ranks of past Lighthouse International visually impaired disability scholarship winners such as John Masi, Adam Gleason, or Charles Fulham. Overcome your physical obstacles – and follow your star to a college education with these unique disability scholarships today!

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15 Responses

  1. eva says:

    good day! am working as a volunteer for the blind organization here in Mongolia. I would like to ask if Mongolians could apply for such scholarshis and what are the requirements.

    Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    The only way to know is to contact them directly via phone or email.

  3. admin says:

    Lighthouse International Headquarters:

    The Sol and Lillian Goldman Building
    111 East 59th Street
    New York, NY 10022-1202
    Tel (212) 821-9200 / (800) 829-0500
    Fax (212) 821-9707
    TTY (212) 821-9713

    You can email them here –

  4. symon says:

    Hi I want to know if deaf and hearing Impaired for international Bahamas (Nassau) can apply for scholarships?

  5. admin says:

    You want to contact the the government educational department and inquire into scholarships or grants for people with hearing impairment or a disability in the Bahamas. Also check into study abroad scholarships too, and the Fulbright Scholarship and check out the Fulbright Fellowship Program Scholarship Grant.

  6. ganesh says:

    my son aged 11 years shows lot of promise in tennis. he has severe to profound hearing loss.
    i would like to know if someone could guide us as he is doing well in academics

  7. admin says:


    keep your son involved in playing tennis as much as you can so he will develope even further…tennis leauges, camps and instructional classes. When he attends high school he can then play on the Tennis team which he should do very well if he has done the above. At this time he can apply to the colleges which interest him for a Tennis scholarship. If his grades are also strong then he may be able to recieve an academic as well as an athelitic scholarship too.

    being 11 years old

  8. Ndumiso says:

    hie my son is in zimbabwe and is paralysed the whole of left side.his dream is to study musiic leading to becoming a sound engineer.i wud like to find out if its possible for for him to get a an international scholar ship to fulfill his dream as there are no such courses in africa.or any other music courses i can pay for me.i live in the united kingdom

  9. admin says:


    try these resources:

    go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships and more Fulbright Scholarships for disabilities.

    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships

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