College Scholarships for Learning Disabilities

Learning Scholarships

Learning Scholarships

If you have a learning disability, you need to be on the lookout for learning disabilities scholarships that are available. Unfortunately, if you are looking for learning disability specific scholarships, such as ADD scholarships, or ADHD scholarships, you may find that there are very few available. In the past, even finding general learning disabilities scholarships was difficult, because it was assumed that anyone with a learning disability would not be pursuing a college education. Today, nothing could be further from the truth.

Aside from checking for scholarship opportunities at any national organization for learning disabilities, or general disabilities, also check with such organizations in your state, and your state or county vocational rehabilitation organization. Additionally, check with the Student Disabilities Services Department at the school that you will attend, and check with the school itself for scholarships for learning disabilities that may be available.

Finally, check on all learning disabled scholarships offered by civic organizations, such as the Elks Club, including scholarships for learning disabled that are not specifically designated for learning disabled students. Also ask about specific scholarships for learning disabled students as well, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. For example, The California-Hawaii Elks Organization offers twenty to thirty learning disability scholarships annually, ranging from $1000 to $2000 each for disabled students. More on this program at learning scholarship program. and be sure to check with the Elks Organization for your own home state as well.

Although there are few scholarships for learning disabilities available for those who have ADD or ADHD, there are many disability specific scholarships that you should check into that cover your specific learning disability – such as Dyslexia Scholarships, including the Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $1500.

Although Autism is not necessarily considered a learning disability, because it is a neurological disability, it could be considered a learning disability for the purposes of applying for scholarships for learning disabled. There are, of course, numerous Autism Scholarships available.

The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship is intended for people with bi-polar disorder or other mental disorders, which can lead to learning disabilities as well. The ELA Foundation Scholarship is available for females who have a disability, but it is not clear whether a learning disability will make you eligible for the award or not. In many cases, where the eligibility requirements say ‘disabled student,’ they do not specify what they considered disabled, and you should apply, based on your learning disability. Also note that many non-disabled person scholarships actually will give preference to those students who have a learning disability – and who have shown their ability to work harder than most other students to achieve equal or better academic scores.

At times, you will need to get creative when searching for learning disabilities scholarships, in terms of what other people consider to be a learning disability. Again, check first for specific learning disability scholarships, but then spread out from there, and seek general scholarships for learning disabilities, and scholarships available for those conditions that you have, that may not be considered learning disabilities from a medical standpoint. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding scholarships for learning disabled.

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22 Responses

  1. Belle says:

    Are there any scholarships available for people with brain injury? I had a serious brain injury 3 years ago and now I’m graduating (although this is my 5th year in high school). I wanted to email the admin but I can’t find the email address and I saw that the admin replies on the comments so I’m hoping you’ll see this. Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    go to brain injury scholarships to read more. Go to student loan scholarships and try the scholarship search engine which is very good for disability related injuries.

  3. Sharon says:

    Need help finding learning disability scholarships

  4. admin says:


    go to learning disability scholarships to read more and apply to them. As a last resort you can read up on no cosigner student loans for students. Also go to unknown scholarships for some great scholarship ideas!

  5. Amber says:

    I am currently a high school senior in Kentucky, and I am having problems finding a scholarship for my learning disablity. I have had medically documented ADD since I was a young kid and have been on controller medication since elementary school. I have been excepted into a college already and would like to know what sholarships are out there for someone like me and have not already passed the deadline. Thanks!

  6. admin says:


    have you set up an appointment with the financial aids manager at the college you have been accepted. You should if you haven’t. Explain to them your disabilities and see what student aid they have for you. Go to ADD scholarships to read more if you already haven’t.

    Look into easy poetry scholarships which you can apply too! There are unknown scholarships – or unknown ways to find money for college that is worth looking into. Guaranteed scholarships are their for anyone who fits into a certain scholarship criteria. every college has them. Here’s a great scholarship list which is worth checking out which you may find one to apply too. There are unclaimed scholarships which are sometimes very unusual worth reading about. When a sponsor is sponsoring a particular scholarship they usually have a disability award too which you can apply to. Look more to general or random scholarships which have disability student awards. Also if you are coming up short these government no cosigner student loans are second to none in terms of rate and repayment options.

  7. lisa hainline says:

    looking for help in the way of a scholarship or grant for my daughter who has 6 diseases, (asthma, diabetes, scoliosis, myesthania Gravis, chroni urticaria, double vision and scoliosis.). i’ve been looking for months and there are so little to help kids like this that don’t have a million hoops to jump through like needing an sat (homeschooled). the girl has had 4 businesses up until now, been advocate for the national diabetes and kidney foundation and, met with reps and senators and such…and there is nothing i can find to help. we’ve spent tens of thousands yearly on medical costs and i’m living day by day and have no way to help her.

  8. admin says:


    You can go to student loan scholarships and do a quick check their. Continue to read our website to see if you fit the criteria to apply to any other scholarships. Also go to government disability scholarships too.
    Read up on student loans with no cosigners as a last option – but not really bad if no other types of student aid becomes available to you.

    Other good reading is by going to unknown scholarships.

  9. carmen says:

    i’m looking for scholarships for my son, who is starting his junior year in college – computer engineering. he was diagnosed with a learning disability around 6 yrs old and received spec ed services until his freshman yr, in h.s; didn’t learn to read until 5th grade. he works really, really hard and graduated from hs with honors, inducted as a member of the national honor society. got partial scholarship to a private college but has been unable to maintain the 3.0 to keep scholarship. has a 2.5 GPA. help. we cannot afford the tuition. most scholarships require 3.0 or better.

  10. admin says:


    this is true most scholarships require the student to maintain a certain GPA to keep it. You may want to read about guaranteed scholarships which your son may fall into. Many colleges have guaranteed scholarships and you have to inquire into the financial aids office to see if they do. No cosigner student loans may be a last resort but a viable student aid funding solution especially loans from the federal government.

  11. Bol, Daniel Maduk says:

    Dear supporters,

    Congratulation for helping people with disabilities. I am also a refugee disable student who needs help but I don’t know how to access this golden service to disabled around the world. If you guide me through this process God will bless you all.

    Bol, Daniel Maduk (a South Sudanese in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya)

  12. admin says:


    read also about educational bursaries for college. This is a good option for your student aid in your country. Look into your government disability bursary programs.

  13. Nick Partida says:

    I have mental disablity and im in school, how do i get a phone number to the right person that can help me find the scholarship for my disablity?

  14. Marie Malahi says:

    Hi- I have been researching scholarships for a couple years now until my son could apply. Unfortunately, none are of use now as he was accepted into an Early Entrance Program to college a couple years early so is now a freshman in college. He has Learning Disabilities, ADHD Inattentive, asthma, & scoliosis. Any help for scholarships would greatly appreciated.

  15. admin says:


    go to for learning type disabilities.

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