Intellectual Disabilities, Scholarships and Federal Student Aid are Changing for the Better

Intellectual Disabilities Scholarships

Intellectual Disabilities, Scholarships and Federal Student Aid

Their are many students with an intellectual disability seeking scholarships and student financial aid who now have a really good chance of getting.

Students with intellectual disabilities may be able to get certain types of federal student aid which used to be off limits.

Students who have intellectual disabilities may now be eligible to start receiving Federal work study programs, FSEOG’s, and a Federal Pell grant with reduced qualifying federal student aid guidelines. This is a substantial shift in qualifying for disability student aid which existed just a few short years ago.

The bar is being lowered to allow more disability students who want to attend certain types of schools and trades which were not included over the past years.

As more and more states and schools continue to be added everyday, this could lead to a domino effect that can quickly add even more, as colleges and universities use federal dollars to attract disabled students to their doors for a higher education. They will quickly add curriculums that fit intellectual disability students.

To qualify you must be enrolled or accepted in a comprehensive transition and post-secondary (CTP) program for students with intellectual disabilities at an institution of higher education (a college or career school) that participates in the federal student aid programs and maintaining fair academic progress and fit into the basic federal student aid eligibility requirements.

You do not have to have a high school diploma or GED, and are not required to to in pursuit of a certificate and/or degree.

Things are changing for students with disabilities and scholarships and financial aid because now a CTP program for students with intellectual disabilities can now mean a degree, certificate, or non-degree program!

It can also be defined as:

*It can be offered by university/college or career school approved by the US department of Education constructed in supporting students with an intellectual disability wanting to pursue an academic career to live independently and receive instructions on how to do so in preparing for gainful employment.

*Requiring students with intellectual disabilities to engage, for at least half of the program, in

*Admission in no-credit manner, nondegreed courses of study with non-disabled students.

*Offers ongoing academic advising and a class structured curriculum.

*Internships and work based training by disabled or no-disabled students.

*Auditing or participating with non-disabled students in courses for which the student does not receive regular academic credit for.

CTP programs are offered in the following states:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

There are specific schools approved to participate in the CPT program of scholarships for students with disabilities and you can go to State and school federal student aid participating CPT programs to read more.



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