Incight Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Incight Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Incight Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

If you are a disabled student looking for student aid, AND residents of Oregon, Washington, or California, you will want to apply to the Incight Scholarships for students with a disabilities. The reason is, it’s broad in regards to what kind of disability you must have to apply. It’s quit general and includes most disabilities there are in order to apply.

Incight is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit. Their main objective is that they support and empower key life aspects of education, employment, and independence for disabled people. They believe that there is much potential locked up in the community from disabled people that the past years have indicated. Incight states that much of the unrealized potential has been unfairly sealed off primarily from past stigmas of low expectations for disabled peoples.

Incight combats that by offering (3) different programs which helps disabled people reach their full potential. They want the community as a whole to have a greater conversation on this very fact. They sates that “Each of their (3) programs is built on the back bone of an anti-stigma approach”. They want disabled people to be included as regular people in everything. They have a vision of support for disability in the workforce, education, athletics, recreation, and all other necessary resources to successfully complete.

***This is a noble venture to have, and Incight should be congratulated by all who read this!

Incight Disabilities Scholarship Guidelines

* residents of Oregon, Washington, or California only
* The application deadline is April 1st
* must have a documented disability as it is defined by the ADA, DSM-V, IDEA, or other governing bodies
* attending post-secondary education pursuing any type of degree within these institutions such as Associates Degree, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, or other
* apply online at
* 100 scholarships annually are awarded in the range from $500-$2500
* merit and financial need are not considered, but the scholarship is for students with disabilities who have demonstrated outstanding community involvement and motivation to attend a higher level education so as to contribute more to society
*applications are available in December and awards are selected in June

As you can see from the above requirements, they are not hard to fulfill, other then demonstrating great community involvement. Since Merit is NOT required, it makes this award an open field for potential candidates. This scholarship for disability students is basically a general disability scholarship and one of our personal favorites because most any disabled student can apply for it in the states of Oregon, Washington, or California.

Incight Scholarships are top notch and the organization is too, based on what they are all about in the support of the disability community, in this case the student disability group.

Contact the Incight scholarships for students with disabilities for any questions by email at :



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