Illinois State University Scholarships for Disabled Students

Scholarships for Disabled Students

Illinois State University Scholarships for Disabled Students

In conjunction with Illinois State University Disability Concerns has been offering scholarships to students from time to time at the learning institution.

These scholarships for disabled students are normally provided through donors and sponsors who are passionate about ensuring that all students are able to attend the best schools in the country irrespective of their ability or disability status.

The main goal is to make sure that all students have the same opportunities to realize their growth potential and make the best use of it so that they can attain all their goals whether professional or personal.

Through the disability scholarships the students can look forward to becoming successful alumni in the institution and also possess some of the necessary skills to become successful individuals later on in their lives. The following are some of the disabilities scholarships that are awarded to students who are enrolled in the institution.

All of the scholarships for disabled students are normally awarded based on merit due to the need to encourage participation of students with disabilities at a higher level professionally. Therefore, before you apply you have to make sure that you are within the acceptable academic standings necessary for the award.

Disability Concerns Educational Enhancement Scholarship

The institution offers six of these disabled scholarships every other year. Each of the scholarships is worth $2,000 and the selection and award criteria is rather different from what other scholarship programs require.

For you to be considered for the award you must be a client of Disability Concerns, an existing client.

The award is normally given to students with particular disabilities, which include vision, traumatic injury to the brain, speech disorders, mobility and hearing.

In as far as you are applying for this award it is important to ensure that you understand the award is given based on demonstrated financial need.

Disability Concerns Will to Succeed Scholarship from Illinois State University

The Will to Succeed Scholarship offers one scholarship worth $2,000 to the applicants every other year. Before you are awarded the scholarship there are some conditions that you have to meet to be considered.

Only current clients of Disability Concerns get to enjoy the benefit of the scholarship. Apart from that it is also mandatory that you are a registered undergraduate student at Illinois State University, and be an individual of good standing socially and academically. With that in mind, candidates must at least attain a minimum 2.5 GPA based on the 4.0 GPA scale.

There are different disabilities that are considered eligible for these scholarships, and they include only the following: persons with communication disorder, autism spectrum disorder, psychiatric disability, medical disability, and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder.

Apart from these, students who suffer from different learning disabilities are also eligible for the award and are therefore encouraged to apply.

Dr. Judith Joan Smithson Scholarship for disabled students

The institution offers one scholarship every year up to $1000 to the student. Before you are awarded the disability scholarship, the awards committee will have to make sure that you are a graduate student who has attained good academic standings.

In particular, you must have attained on average between 3.2 and 4.0 GPA in your academics.

If possible the committee will be looking to award students who are actively pursuing a degree program, any certification program of if not, you are enrolled in any job enhancement course through your graduate classes.

The applicant must be considered a disabled person under the Americans with Disability Act, and if you are awarded the disabilities scholarship, you have to be willing to serve in the position of a spokesperson for Disability Concerns.

This means that you can be called upon whenever and wherever necessary to serve in your ambassadorial role as a spokesperson.

Though a lot of students normally apply for this scholarship, students who hold an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University normally have an upper hand in the awards.

Read more at: Illinois State University Disability Concerns.



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