Hemophilia Scholarships for Disabilities

Hemophilia Scholarships

Hemophilia Scholarships

If you have Hemophilia, a bleeding disorder, or any other type of bleeding disorder, you may be eligible for a number of Hemophilia Scholarships programs to help pay for college. There are also hemophilia scholarships for disabilities available for adults and school aged children who have Hemophilia or other blood disorders as well for continuing education or for tutoring.

It is important to note that not all hemophilia scholarships for disabilities are guaranteed. This means that just having the disorder does not qualify you for all available scholarships for hemophilia. Some of these blood scholarships only award a certain number per year, and some scholarships for hemophilia have additional requirements other than having a bleeding disorder, such as being a resident of a certain state.

Some Hemophilia scholarships for disabilities aren’t even for college tuition. For example, the Artistic Endeavors Scholarship is awarded to a person with a bleeding disorder for the purpose of artistic endeavors, such as writing a book or a play. You may not even have to have Hemophilia to qualify for one of these disabilities scholarships, if you have an immediate family member who does have the disorder.

This is the case for the Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to the person with hemophilia or an immediate family member, as is the Bill McAdam Scholarship, The BioRx/Hemophilia of North Carolina Educational Scholarship, the Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship, the Factor Foundation Scholarship Program, the Hemophilia Federation of America Scholarship, the Mike Hylton and Ron Niederman Memorial Scholarship, the National Cornerstone Healthcare Services Scholarship, and the Christopher Pitkin Memorial Scholarship. The Parent Continuing Education Scholarship is awarded to the parent of a school aged child who has a blood disorder. The Sibling Continuing Education Scholarship works in the same way.

As mentioned, some Hemophilia scholarships for disability students are awarded to those with the disorder, if they live in a certain state. For example the Calvin Dawson Memorial Scholarship is for hemophiliacs who live in Florida, while the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan Academic Scholarship is available for those living in the state of Michigan only. Some of these scholarships are for specific majors. The Scott Tarbell Scholarship is for students majoring in computer science or math. The Michael Bendix Sutton Foundation Scholarship for those who are majoring in law.

Two disabilities scholarships are awarded specifically to women who have hemophilia or other bleeding disorders. These are the Millie Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship and the Project Red Flag Academic Scholarship for Women with Bleeding Disorders. A Scholarship that is designed for younger children for the purpose of tutoring is the Edu-Grants Scholarship. The Seven Secure Adult Education Grants are awarded to people over the age of 23 who have the bleeding disorder. Again, there are many scholarships available for hemophiliacs, and while some just require you to have the disorder, some have other requirements as well.

Other Hemophilia Scholarships for disabled that you should check into are the Hemophilia Health Services Memorial Scholarship, the Professor Ulla Hedner Scholarship, the CoaguLife Education Scholarship, the Education is Power Scholarship, the Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship, the Joshua Gomes Memorial Scholarship, the Kevin Child Scholarship, the Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship, the Rachel Warner Scholarship, the Salvatore E. Quinci Foundation Scholarship, and the Soozie Courter Sharing a Brighter Tomorrow Hemophilia Scholarship.

As you can see, a hemophilia scholarship program for the disabled can come from many organizations making it very possible for many to grab one to help pay for college. You just have to take the time to apply to them.



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  1. Mercedes says:

    I was wonder do you application for students that have learning disabilities.

  2. Ronald Kukal says:

    I have been looking for a scholarship for my son who has mild hemophilia. He is well vested in a trade and just wants to have a business of his own. Money as usual is the problem and he is now thirty three years old and running to problems with our local hospital that refused to do a procedure on him to check for stomach ulcers I believe. The problem that I can see for him is the lack of any factor in this city if he were to have a major accident of kind, and then the next problem is the fear that some physicians seem to have of people with these problems. They tend to want to overmedicate him, which happened in the last procedure which was the removal of his tonsils. It is a constant worry to him since he is in the five percent catagory. Can you advise me of business loans where he can get out on his own as his boss seems to not be very cooperative when he has bleeding problems. Just looking for a way to help him out.

  3. Ronald Kukal says:

    Thank you however he is not a student. Just looking for a loan to start a business. Wiil your suggestion still work?

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