Foundation for Science and Disability (FSD) Grants

Foundation for Science and Disability (FSD) Grants

FSD Grants

If you are one of the many fourth year undergraduate students with disabilities that are pursuing a career in Mathematics, Medicine, Science, Engineering or Technology and you have been accepted to graduate school or a professional school in one of these fields, then this article is for you. The Foundation for Science and Disability Grant can help.

The journey to locate grants and scholarships is already tough enough; when you are suffering from a variety of disabilities that journey can get even tougher. Unfortunately, many in the world still have to be educated to the fact that students with disabilities can still be a viable successful part of our society. You can have a disability and still make significant strides in the field of science, medicine, engineering, mathematics and technology. Fortunately, there is a foundation that genuinely cares about students with disabilities and is willing to support the cause.

The Foundation for Science and Disability was founded some thirty five years ago. It is a non-profit organization geared towards integrating the scientific community with outstanding scientists that just happen to have a disability as well. The FSD has long been a crusader that assists with the planning, organizing, and administering of educational programs designed to inspire students with disabilities to pursue a career in any of the major science fields.

It is the goal of the FSD to prove that students with disabilities have just as much to offer to the scientific community as anyone else. The FSD offers incredible support to those who are dedicated to success in the sciences.

The majorities of the FSD members is already established in the sciences and suffer a disability as well. They have met the obstacles in their way and have endured. Through diligence and hard work these professionals have made their place in science, medicine, technology, education and medicine. The foundation provides a grant designed to give fourth year undergraduate students with disabilities a helping hand.

The Science Graduate Student Grant
The Foundation for Science and Disability offers a grant program for students with disabilities in Graduate Science Degree Programs. Each selected student will receive a $1,000 award. In order to be eligible the student must be:
• A United States Citizen
• Fourth year undergraduate who has been accepted to graduate or professional school
• Confronting a disability
In addition, these undergraduate students must be pursuing a degree in:
• Science
• Mathematics
• Engineering
• Technology
• Education
• Medicine
• Computer science
The grant must be utilized towards one of the following special projects:
• Science project
• Thesis
• Assistive device
• Instrument
• Financial support for work with a professor on individual project
• Any special research need
Typically, there are not many grants provided for the numerous disabled groups that exist. This is why FSD only offers this grant to those who are entering or continuing a graduate degree in the fields of science before mentioned. In addition to the above criteria students also have to write a 250 essay that lists all the goals and objectives the student has and what they would use the grant for. Students can reapply for this grant every year.

If you have a sensory or physical disability and meet the criteria listed in this article then the Science Graduate Student Grant is there for you. The FSD offers more than just the monetary award; they offer years of experience from members with disabilities and without; who are there to offer their wisdom and support. To apply to the FSD grant we have listed a link that will set you on the right path towards obtaining this grant by going to the Foundation for Science and Disability Grant.



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