Disability Scholarships from the Best Sources

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Disability Scholarships from the Best Sources

Disability scholarships can be found mostly through private organizations which provide support for the particular disability in some way; either by selling products, or a non-profit charitable association of some type. These can be societies as well such as the Multiple sclerosis (MS) society. For example wheelchair.com sells wheel chairs to its disabled customers, but also has a wheelchair.com scholarship program for disabled students to apply to.

This will help disabled students looking for scholarships for college in their searching process. If you want to find particular disability scholarships search for organizations which provide support for that particular disability because many times they will have a educational award you can apply to on their website.

It’s that simple!

Support organizations are the best way to find exact disability student financial aid. There are hundreds of disabilities and even more support organizations for these disabilities to go along with it. Fifty percent or more of them will have an educational award program. Some awards are small, while others larger then others.

Disability related Foundations and Memorial websites set up for the purpose of remembering individuals who are no longer with us are good sources also. Foundations serve many purpose’s and many have disability scholarships students can apply to. Looking for these can be easy. Using the search term “disability foundations” or “disability memorials” will uncover many.

An example of a Disability Memorial scholarship can be found for The Alex Lieber Memorial Scholarship. This is a disability scholarship set up in memory of Alex Lieber for those students to apply who are diagnosed with Hemophilia.

An example for a Disability Foundation Scholarship for students with Hemophilia looking for student financial aid can be seen at the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Government Disability Website for Scholarships for Disabled Students

Another place to look is at the government website. You can read more about it at government disability student financial aid website.  This website does a nice job in explaining how to get disability scholarships and other disability student financial aid and with straight forward bare bones advice on what to do when looking for money to pay for your college education.

The Disability Government Website covers everything students need to know when looking for student aid; but stops short of listing all the disability scholarships out there today simply because its hard to cover all of them. There are too many of them and new ones come out every year. They list the larger high profile ones that have been around for awhile, but the under the radar awards don’t get mentioned. This is where the student themselves has to do the digging using the internet to uncover them.

Direct College Fin Aids office for Disability Scholarships

Their is also another place disabled students should automatically look FIRST and that is the college/colleges which they are interested in attending. Most universities and colleges have scholarships for disabled students already in place and you just have to ask about them. This sounds simple enough too; but you must ask, or inquire about them through the financial aids office.

The very best thing to do is to MEET IN PERSON with a financial aids manager who has been there awhile and knows all about these awards. They can be very helpful in their suggestions on applying to everything you can to get your maximum financial aid package. Certain programs may not seem like they are disability programs by name, but they will do they same thing and this is what an experienced Fin Aids manager will know about and can tell you.

Usually, colleges and Universities award disability scholarships to any type of disability too. Proof of disability must be shown that’s all. There are some colleges who are more proactive then others in awarding disability scholarships to disability students and this can be seen on the number of disability student financial aid programs they have available on their websites.

Some colleges will mention they do have disability student aid; but there aren’t any awards to be seen; while others are filled with disability student aid offerings on their websites such as both these articles explain for ‘MSU Disabilities Scholarships‘ and ‘Scholarships for Disabled Students from the University of Maine‘.



In fact, as this PARTICULAR article states ‘Disability Scholarships from the University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies (UMInDS) are Awesome!‘ the University of Michigan is about as good as it gets when it comes to colleges who have disability scholarships.



Disabled students with any type of disability can always apply to general disability scholarships, regardless of the type of disability. General disability scholarships are not ‘disability specific’.



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  1. yashoda gaire says:

    i am nepalese girl with physical disable . i wish to get oppurtunity of scholarship for study in us university. how i get scholarship if i will information i will be thankful. thank you

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    you can apply to any of the scholarships we write about by going to the scholarship sponsor website to apply. Have you looked into bursaries for college. Canadian bursaries look favorably on out of country students.

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