Disability Scholarships from the University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies (UMInDS) are Awesome!

University of Michigan Disability Scholarships

Disability Scholarships from the University of Michigan

The disability scholarships from the University of Michigan UMInDS program, are very good indeed, and any disabled student with the required credentials should apply to these scholarships for disabled students.

UOM has a student disability program that offers way more then just scholarship awards. They are covering all the basis to help a student with disabilities seamlessly through the college process that goes unparalleled in higher education.

The University Of Michigan (UOM) has a number of disability scholarship programs that students can apply for. UOM has a number of scholarship programs that are in place to help students make it through their education. There are particular scholarship programs however that are designed specifically for the disabled students so that they do not appear to be at a disadvantage whenever they are in school.

Through the ‘University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies’ (UMInDS) the university aims at expanding the focus of the attention on students with disabilities through research, scholarship and teaching. It is through these that the ideals of students that have disabilities can be championed.

Lederer Scholarships for Disabled Students

The Saul and Shirley Lederer Scholarship award is an annual scholarship that is awarded to disabled students. The students are awarded $1000 each and the award is normally given to two students.

The funds are normally provided during the Investing in Ability Week. For students to be considered for this award, they have to be enrolled at the University of Michigan, must be active participants in the community within which they live in the university and apart from that they should also have impaired hearing, vision or mobility concerns.

Students who have chronic health concerns can also apply for the scholarship.

Together with the application students will also need to provide an academic transcript and an essay on how they intend to use the scholarship awarded to them.

Due to the high volume of applicants, the scholarship is normally awarded based on academic merit.

NBC-Universal Tony Coelho Media Scholarship

This award is provided through the American Association of People with Disabilities. They offer four scholarships to undergraduate students, juniors, sophomores and seniors who have disabilities but are pursuing courses in the media fraternity. Every student is normally awarded $5,625 to go towards their education

LSA Global Experience Scholarships for CGIS Programs

This scholarship is provided through the College of Literature, Science and the Arts for those students with disabilities who require financial support and participate in international programs through the University of Michigan.

Gilman International Scholarship for Disabled Students

Through this scholarship the students who are normally under-represented and suffer high financial need especially for the students who study in science and engineering can get financial support to help them and the students with disabilities.

Kristi Sprecher Memorial Fund

This memorial fund is available for students with varying needs. In particular it is normally given to those students who suffer chronic illnesses and health concerns. These awards are in particular provided for those who suffer from AIDS, arthritis, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, Crohns’s disease and those who suffer multiple sclerosis, and respiratory conditions to mention but a few.

The Knox Fund

The James Knox Edward Memorial Fund was launched in 2010 at the University of Michigan to honor the memory of James Knox. The fund is available for students with disabilities to help them get through their studies.

The American Association of Health and Disability Scholarships

The applicants for this disability are normally awarded up to $1000 which goes to meeting their financial needs in terms of college tuition and other expenses that they might incur in as far as their education goes.

The disability awareness program

The program is provided for students at least the age of 17 who have been accepted into the university. The award is for $1000 which goes towards meeting the educational expenses of the students as they go through school.

Adam Miller Memorial Fund

The fund was established back in 1999 and is hugely funded by online donations. The award is given primarily to students who have problems with their vision, mobility or hearing. With the award, students should be able to access personal training devices, social activities and personal assisted equipment to help them get through school at the same pace that their counterparts do. The scholarship fund was established through Marlene and Alex Miller, the parents to Adam Miller.

Wolens Family Fund for Disabilities

This fund is worth up to $75,000 used over 3 to 5 years. This is for students who are afflicted with a speech impairment such as stuttering. The whole purpose of this award is to promote an increase of support and services needed throughout the community for this disability.

There are many other scholarships for students with disabilities provided by the UMInDS, and they above are just a few of them. The UMInDS is a wonderful UOM entity which is a step above many other colleges throughout the nation, and they should be highly commended for it’s establishment.

* Hopefully other universities will provide similar venues at their school to help put disabled students on an equal level with others who have no disabilities holding them back.



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