Disability Scholarships from the Elks National Foundation

Disability Scholarships

Disability Scholarships from the Elks National Foundation

Disability scholarships can be found from the Elks National Foundation. The program is called the Emergency Educational Grant. It actually is student financial assistance for children of totally disabled Elks. These scholarships for disabilities are also for children of parents who are deceased.

They really are awesome club scholarships too!

Many people don’t really know what the Elks are all about and what they stand for. The Elks National Foundation was created in 1928 which brought all the various Elk lodges together through the ENF. Their purpose is to “unite the forces of the order into a mighty army for the service of mankind.” The ENF provides activities which build stronger communities by empowering leaders of tomorrow, youth, and veterans too. They also have many charitable activities for their objectives which support programs that boost the quality of life in the Elks local communities.

The Elks have raised and given more than $429 million into charitable ventures across the nation which deal with backing programs for the youth & veterans in areas where Elk members daily live & work. The ENF indicate too that their influence is expanding within their communities in support of more programs every year so they can continue to shape a stronger local community.

Bountiful consistent donations helps keep the Elks machine strongly moving forward in fulfilling their much applauded mission in improving local communities which the Elks have a presence through their local lodges. They have over 100,000 donors and their endowment fund is $580 million large.

This organization is truly admirable in all ways!

Elks National Foundation Disability Scholarships (Emergency Educational Grant) Guidelines

  • The Elks disability scholarships can range up to $4,000 and students can apply for next 3 years even if won the first year that students apply.
  • Students must have parents who are in good standing at least (1) year before parent became totally disabled and remain that way up until application has been submitted.
  • All applicants must be unmarried and under age 23 and presently in school of higher learning full time (12 credits minimum undergraduate study).
  • Financial need must be present and proven for all who apply.
  • The ENF will thoroughly audit parents disability.
  • Disability scholarships once awarded are paid directly to school of applicant.
  • Applications can be filed between May 1st and October 31st.

Other Elks Scholarships

The ENF have other scholarship awards that students should ALSO apply to. They are the Most Valuable Student Scholarships and Legacy Awards. So take the time to submit applications on those too; IF you fit the guidelines.

Legacy Awards

-$4,000 Elks scholarships will be awarded to children & grandchildren of Elks members.

-250 awards in all are given out and students can apply between September 1st – January 29th ONLINE.

-High school seniors can apply only.

-Winners are judged based on Knowledge, Charity,Community and Integrity.

-Financial need DOES NOT matter.

Most Valuable Student Scholarships

-500 (4)-year scholarships given out to most highly evaluated applicants and range from $1,000 per year to $12,500 per year.

-Students must be must be on target to obtain a (4) year degree attending on a full time basis (12 semester hours) a college in the US.

-Any US citizen who is a senior in high school can apply and DOES NOT have to be related to an Elk member.

-If you are already in college you CANNOT apply.

-Permanent legal resident status does NOT qualify.

-Financial need must be shown along with leadership qualities.

-September 1st to December 4th is open application submissions and must be submitted to closest Elks lodge.

Best Advice on Winning Elks Scholarships

Only one ELKS scholarship award per year per student can be given out to any one student. Best way for students to try and win an Elks scholarship is to apply to ALL of them (if fit into the qualifications to do so) and the highest Elks award will be given to that student – if the student happens to wins more then one Elks scholarship (per the ELKS guidelines).

Applying for an Elks scholarship award is easy to do via mostly online so it is not very time consuming. Many awards are given out making this a top rated student scholarship program to apply to. The Elks Emergency Educational Grant disability scholarships are premier disability scholarships for students whose parents are totally disabled and appears that if a student fits the guidelines; winning is pretty much certain.

*For more information you may call 773/755-4732; or email questions at : scholarship@elks.org and/or to request an application.



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