Disability Scholarships for Speech and Language

disability scholarships for speech and language

Communication Disorder Scholarships

The ASHFoundation disability scholarships for speech and language is sponsored through tax-deductible contributions of organizations, corporations and private individuals. Individuals who want to study or are affected with communication disorder disabilities may be interested in applying for ASHFoundation scholarships.

This foundation was originally established by Wendell Johnson in 1946. Mr. Johnson served as an inspirational leader in the communication disorder sciences field.

Today, the ASHFoundation acts as a charitable organization in support of advancing knowledge in the field of communication disorder sciences, while also improving the lives of individuals with hearing, language or speech disorders.

Estimates indicate the approximately 49 million Americans are affected by communication disorders. While it is largely assumed that such disorders only affect the elderly, this is not the case. Both the young and the old can be affected by communication disorders involving language, speech or hearing.

The diagnosis as well as the treatment of such communication disorders is handled by experienced audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Audiologists are trained to evaluate and treat balance, hearing and related disorders. Speech-language pathologists work at the master’s or the doctoral level in evaluating as well as treating voice, language and swallowing disorders.

As a way of achieving the goals of the ASHFoundation, funds are raised to support graduate student disability scholarships, research grants, special initiatives and clinical recognition awards. Since the organization’s inception, more than $5 million has been awarded in awards and ASHFoundation scholarships for speech and language disabilities.

The amounts of individual awards may vary based on the contributions from organizations, corporations and individuals. The organization supports priority research in communication disorders and sciences which may ultimately lead to new developments and treatments, including the use of technology in intervention and assessment.

The disability grants sponsored by ASHFoundation have helped to launch careers and are also often helpful in securing important additional funding for research opportunities. Grants offered through the ASHFoundation include the New Century Scholars Research Grant, the New Investigators Research Grant, Student Research Grant in Audiology, Student Research Grant in Early Childhood Language Development, Research Grant in Speech Science and the Clinical Research Grant.

AHSFoundation scholarships for speech and language disabilities also include graduate scholarships for students within this discipline who are considered to be the best and the brightest. Such students may go on to pursue careers in higher education, research labs, schools, clinics and private practice.

Available scholarships include the New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarships, Graduate Student Scholarships, Student with a Disability Scholarship, Minority Student Scholarship and International Student Scholarship.

The New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship awards $10,000 to doctoral candidates who demonstrate a commitment to attaining a research doctoral degree in the field of communication disorders and sciences.

The Graduate Student Scholarships are awarded to master’s and doctoral students studying communication disorders in sciences and who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. The commincations scholarships are $5,000 each. As many as seven scholarships are awarded each year. Funding for these scholarships is dependent upon available funds each year.

The Student with a Disability Scholarship is awarded to full-time graduate students who have a disability and who are also enrolled in a communication disorders and sciences program. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. The disabilities scholarships are worth $5,000 each.

The Minority Student Scholarship is awarded to a racial and/or ethnic minority student who has been accepted for graduate study in speech-language pathology or audiology and who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. The scholarship is worth $5,000 each.

The International Student Scholarship is awarded to international and/or minority grad students studying communication disorders and sciences. The scholarship is worth $5,000. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in the field of communication sciences and disorders.

The ASHFoundation scholarships for language and speech disabilities also include several clinical achievement awards given for outstanding clinical achievement in the innovation of practice and science.

In addition, the foundation awards funds for special projects and initiatives by partnering with corporations in order to improve or develop a new treatment program, device or technology. Partners in the past have included Apple Computer, IBM, Microsoft and The Psychology Corporation.



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  1. Kathy Ryan says:

    Would welcome all information

  2. Ikenna says:

    can international students apply?

  3. admin says:


    I would direct your question directly to the scholarship sponsor. Have you looked into educational bursaries?

  4. BARBARA says:

    What about a student who has speech and language disabilities? What can they get??

  5. admin says:

    Barb, best bet is to search for organizations which provide support for speech & language disabilities. Many times they have educational awards to apply to. Also, search out general disability scholarships. These are awards to anyone who has ANY disability that can apply to them. Also go to http://www.disabilityscholarships.us/disability-scholarships/disability-scholarships-from-the-university-of-michigan-initiative-on-disability-studies-uminds/1664/ for resources that may help.

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