Disability Scholarships for Cancer Survivors


Cancer Survivor Scholarships

There are many different disability scholarships for cancer survivors available to students who are currently living with some form of cancer, have been cured of the disease, or have fought it into remission. Such programs are available at multiple levels from national cancer disability scholarships to those offered on the regional or local level as well. Students who have lived through or are living with cancer should sincerely consider cancer survivor scholarships as they represent a good chance to get access to disability scholarship money. Programs that focus on kids growing up with cancer are generally focused on the strength shown by individuals as they fight the disease, in all hopes finally triumphing over it in the end. Applications to cancer survivor scholarships should highlight these struggles in in the best light they can.

With the sheer amount of scholarships for cancer survivors available to students it should not be difficult for a student living with cancer to find a program which suits them. One such cancer disability scholarship comes from Cancer for College scholarship program. The Cancer for College scholarship provides at most $4,000 and at least $250 to those selected to receive an award. Based in California, students going to school in the state receive first priority in being considered for an award. However all students who are attending an accredited university may apply to the program. All applicants must be a United States citizen, be a current cancer patient or survivor and be attending school in the United States. Applications open every year in October and must be submitted by a deadline announced sometime before July.

Another cancer survivor scholarship comes from the Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Fund. This program provides $1,000 to a varying number of winners every year. In order to be eligible for this program students will need to be residents of the United States, be diagnosed with lymphoma during high school, have been involved in cancer therapy programs, currently be graduating from high school and be preparing to head off to an accredited two or four year college program. All application materials are due no later than May 31.

The Working Against Cancer group provides several disability scholarships for cancer survivors from $500 to $1,000. This cancer disability scholarship is awarded to California residents who are cancer survivors either currently in treatment or had previously gone through a therapy program. Applications are posted in May through June and all applicants must be under the age of 30 in order to be considered for the program.

Amongst the many different cancer survivor scholarships available to interested students, the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation provides a program of its own. This cancer disability scholarship gives out a single $5,000 scholarship every year to a winning student, and unspecified smaller awards are given out to runner ups. Operating as an essay contest, the Andre Sobel program looks for students graduating from high school who have a story to share regarding their struggle with cancer. The essay topic revolves around what a cancer survivor looked for in others while they were living through their condition – how their relationships changed, what things helped them get through their struggle. Application materials for this program are due no later than April 29.

The Patty Feist Undergraduate Cancer Scholarship is for survivors of childhood cancer who will be attending the University of Colorado in Boulder. This cancer scholarship takes place in the spring every year so apply eary. You must go to the University of Colorado’s financial aid department to inquire and the deadline is March 1st. If you ‘ve survived cancer up until 21 years of age then you qualify to apply. There is a 1000 word essay and the award is $2,500 given out to 3 students who show a passion towards learning and a zeal about their goals. Patty owns and operates a great resource website for parents whose children have had cancer at http://www.ped-onc.org/ and she is personally sponsoring this scholarship for cancer survivors.

Not every disability scholarship for cancer can be covered in this article, but on a final note the Friends of Scott Scholarship program is worth mentioning. A varying number of handicapped scholarships will be awarded every year and in 2010 three winners were selected for scholarships which varied in amounts rewarded. Eligibility for this program revolves around being a cancer survivor or living through current treatment. All applicants must be enrolled in college and get a letter from their physician verifying their medical history. Applications must be received no later than May 1. The disability scholarships for cancer survivors listed here are only the tip of the iceberg and students interested in them should look around a bit for additional programs.



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