Disability Scholarships for Amputees

Amputation Scholarships for Amputees

Amputation/Amputee Scholarships

While there are many disability scholarships available for people with general disabilities, as well as for people with specific disabilities, there are relatively few scholarships for amputees available. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any available – just that they are few and far between, and the competition for these amputee scholarships may be fairly stiff.

With that said, if you’ve had an amputation, you should definitely check into the Missing Limbs Entrepreneur Scholarship. This amputee scholarship is awarded once a year, usually in May, in the amount of $1000. You must have had at least one limb amputated. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA, and you must be either entering your first year or second year of college.

One scholarship program that absolutely must not be overlooked is the scholarships for amputees offered by Ye Notorious Krewe of the Peg-Leg Pirate. This organization will hook you up with various scholarship programs for amputee scholarships, and will also make sure that you get any special equipment or services that you need to help you attend college, or while you are attending college. While award amounts vary, and some awards are equipment based, instead of financial based, it is definitely worth looking into.

Through the National Amputation Foundation, you can apply for the Claude S. Weiler Scholarship for Amputee College Students. Each year, $500 is awarded to six students who have had a major limb amputated, if they will be attending an accredited college, be a full time student, have a letter from their attending physician, a letter from the college that he or she will be attending, a copy of their transcript, and a short letter from the student describing how the loss of a limb has affected the students life.

The Eastern Amputee Golf Association, or EAGA, also has many different scholarships for amputees available, in varying amounts, and with different eligibility requirements. These include the EAGA Scholarship Award, the Paul DesChamps Scholarship Award, The Howard Taylor Scholarship Fund, the Tom Reed Scholarship Fund, the Ray Froncillo Scholarship Fund, and the Sgt. Major William Wade Memorial Scholarship Fund. However, the Paul DesChamps Scholarship Award has been discontinued as of 2010, but will be replaced in 2011 with three new scholarships. To apply for any of these go to scholarships for amputees or call 610-867-9295.

The Amputee Coalition scholarships offers two awards which have two different qualifying criteria. The Bridge to Ability Scholarship and the Christina Skoski, M.D. Scholarship are amputation scholarships to highly consider.

As you can see, there really are few options available in terms of amputee scholarships. However, you should make it a point to check in with amputee organizations often to inquire as to whether they are aware of any additional – new – amputation scholarships that have become available for amputees, as this is information that is not widely reported in most cases. You should additionally apply for any other disability related scholarships that may apply to your specific situation as well, as well as academic scholarships, and scholarships that are guaranteed because you have achieved certain things, or hold certain memberships – such as belonging to a particular church affiliation. Focusing on disability scholarships in general may broaden your scholarship choices ten fold when looking for scholarships for amputees.

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15 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    I am a left leg amputee,,am searching for amputee schoolarship then I reach this wonderful site..How could I join or how could I get an schoolarship?

    Kindly consideration,,
    Judy Macias

  2. admin says:


    you must apply directly to the scholarship links on this webpage. (the links were broken but now they are all working) and also apply to as many ‘disability scholarship‘ programs as you qualify for. Consider the Pell Grant too. Go here for more help – Alternative student loans

  3. MARK says:

    Hi my name is Mark,I lost my right leg in a car wreck I was not driving my sister was we were run off the road i was fifteen when it happen an a football player I am eighteen now an I cant get a job no one will hire me an i missed so much of school it pulled my gpa down so low now i cant seem to get a scholarship I hope this sight will help I just want to go to dissel college get a job an pay my own way an have a life GOOD LUCK AN GOD BLESS ALL WHO VISIT THIS SIGHT

  4. admin says:


    you should look for disability student grants as well as diability scholarships. Go to the government disability student aid website and read up as much as you can to help with your particular situation. No cosigner student loans may also work for you too.

  5. Pablo says:

    Good day to you all,
    At the time I was supposed to go to college I had an accident were I lost my leg. Some time went by from them, now I am looking to go back to school but I live pay check by pay check with so many financial responsibilities. In other words age(32 yrs old) and income have builted a barrier for my to get any students grants.
    My question to anyone out there is, do anyone knows about grants or any financial aid available on this situation besides student loans?
    Thank you and have a great day!

  6. admin says:


    make an appointment with the financial aids office at the college you wish to attend and discuss what disability student aid you can qualify for. This seems like a simple answer but the best one you may discover. Meeting face to face with a student aid counselor produces very good results sometimes according to the feedback from students who actually do this. There are new programs coming out daily which colleges have access to. Once the money is used up it’s gone for that year. Also go to Government disability student aid.

  7. Lucas says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Lucas, I was born with only half of my left foot (Amniotic Band Syndrome). I am currently a senior in high school and I am having trouble looking for disability scholarships. Is there any specific scholarships I should look for?

    Thank you and have a great day!

  8. admin says:


    go to high school scholarships for seniors to get some great ideas. Read up about FAFSA and FAFSA4caster. Enroll in any school which you can get aid from whether or not tuition is high. Contact the best college for you and sit down with the FinAids officer NOW!!! to discuss all your student aid options.

  9. admin says:

    read about these programs:

    *student bursaries – which talks about African bursary programs. Read also about Canandian bursaries too.

    *ECA Bureau scholarships and grants.

    *scholarships to studying overseas – pay attention to links at bottom which heading is: Other Study Abroad Scholarships.

  10. Steven Adam Edwards says:

    I am a double AKA and have been for twenty years I would like if you could point me in the right direction for I am going back to school soon…

  11. admin says:


    firstly; set an appointment with the FinAids office of any college near you and discuss your particular student aid financial situation with the manager there. Inquire into there disability student aid programs. You may want to do this with a few colleges in your area to get an idea of the differences in the advice they give. Look into no cosigner student loans as a last very good option. These are gov student loans which are tops.

  12. Hello,
    This is Jamuna Subedi, an amputee women from Nepal. I lost my both legs; right one from below the knee and left one from above the knee when I was 9. Now, I’m 30 years old and I have one dependent baby. My husband however can manage our living cost working hard. I’m strongly willing to complete master degree in Social science but what I have is insufficient for my dream. Will you please suggest me for appropriate way to fulfill my dream? Is there any scholarship program for those who are like me from least developed and underprivileged women?

  13. admin says:


    you may want to look into bursaries from your own government firstly – easily to apply to and win. Most are based on financial need. Next; go into the financial aids office of the college you are considering to see what programs they have for your disability which you can apply to. Many colleges; if not most have disability student aid. Next; apply to those disability programs which match up with your disability. Time consuming YES, but may well be worth the time applying. Look also for those organizations which provide support for people with your particular disability. Many times they have a student aid program in which you can apply to.

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