Disability Financial Aid in Many Forms

disability student financial Aid

Disability Financial Aid comes in Many Forms

Disability financial aid is more then just disability scholarships. There are organizations providing financial aid for disabled students in many forms with support in creative ways.

Mansfield Hall as Good As Disability Financial Aid

Mansfield Hall is a creative college support program along with a learning and living community for students who have a disability. They are all about providing academic individual support to disabled students so they can thrive in college. They want to help students create a meaningful life by advancing credible living skills in those individuals for more independent living.

Reaching true potential is what Mansfield Hall try’s to incorporate in their students by using (4) approaches – Learning, Living, Giving, and Engaging. Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging, and Mansfield Hall understands this.

There are two locations; one in Burlington, Vermont and the other in Madison Wisconsin. They are located in the middle of campus life where students can attend any local area college, or colleges. A team of highly trained Mansfield Hall workers provide any needed support for students with disabilities in helping them reach their full potential.

Read more about it at Mansfield Hall Empowering Students for Life.

Autism Ontario has Disability Scholarships

Autism Ontario supports students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They have support chapters in many communities in Ontario, Canada and work hard to increasing public awareness about Autism so individuals afflicted, can live productive life’s in society.

Autism Ontario has scholarships for Ontario residents which open up in February every year that can be applied to. There are three disability scholarship categories; one for individuals with autism, one for siblings of a person on the autism spectrum, and one for children on the autism spectrum.

Government of Ontario Website & Disabled Student Financial Aid

On the Government of Ontario Website, all students can look into disability student financial aid options that can assist them in finding programs to help pay for college. Canada is big on offering bursaries to help students. Bursaries are essentially the same as scholarships. Canada’s student financial aid programs are favorable towards out of country students too.

Yconic and Disability Financial Aid

One Canadian website in particular called Yconic, offers tons of student financial aid including scholarships, bursaries and other student awards. These awards are for Canada, as well as USA. Once you are on this website and start scrolling down the page it will seem like there is no end to their student financial aid offerings. They are quite large, which is what most students like to see when searching disability financial aid for college.

Students who are disabled should apply to some of them listed on Yconic for they are considered disability student financial aid as well. Students will end up spending lots of time here, because scholarship information is plentiful.

Go to Yconic scholarships, bursaries and other student awards to read more.

ScholarshipsCanada and Disability Student Aid

Another Canadian website which offers many scholarships to Canada’s college students is ScholarshipsCanada. In fact, it’s one of the premier scholarship websites for Canadian students. They offer disability financial aid in many forms. They have a Featured Scholarships tab that has some of the best financial aid awards.

Attending college in Canada can be easy because Bursaries as well as Scholarships are given to out of country students more liberally then other countries, thus making attending more affordable.

AAPD for Disability Financial Aid

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) offers disability scholarships and they are called the NBCUniversal Tony Coelho Media Scholarship. They hand out (8) disability financial aid scholarships of $5,625 each to 2nd year associate students sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students majoring in media, communications or the entertainment industry.

Tony Coelho, who served under Bill Clinton, was a representative from California and the main author of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

*”The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities”.

The American Foundation for the Blind handed out (11) college scholarships for disabled blind or visually impaired students. The AFB champions itself for leading the vision loss community. They try to improve the lives of more then 20 million Americans who are effected with a vision disability of sorts. They strive to have vision disabled people with having equal opportunities as others –  who are not vision impaired.

Students must look at all websites that have scholarships, bursaries and student financial aid, regardless whether its or not if its listed as disability financial aid.



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