Disability Care Center Scholarships

Disability Care Center Scholarships

Disability Care Center Scholarships

Disability Care Center has essay scholarships which seem to be worth the time to apply to them. Essay scholarships are easy to apply to for many students because students write essays for their college courses on a consistent basis every semester. Better yet, is if students are majoring in English, Journalism or even Literature they may find applying to essay disability scholarships as actually enjoyable.

But who is Disability Care Center anyways and what are they all about?

At first glance they appear to be a valuable resource for those looking for help in obtaining disability social security benefits – and they are! They are an advocacy group who assist disabled individuals successfully apply for or even appeal for SS disability benefits. They are pros at this sort of thing. I can speak from personal experience you want this type of assistance to insure you get the benefits your entitled to receive. This process can sometimes be daunting and emotionally draining when applying; and also when you get declined for benefits you feel you deserve.

They also can connect visitors with valuable resources by staying up to date with SS Disability offerings & valuable information through their website and Blog. To sum them up and get an idea of what this organization is all about, the Disability Care Center has promise’s to ensure that:

• All approved claimants obtain Medicare to give optimal medical care proper medical care
• Prevent any possible wrongful or technical denials from an error in the application process
• Ensure monthly benefits are maximized giving the highest quality of life possible
• Avoid months or years in delayed benefit for untimely responses to the SSA

OK – now that you understand who DCC is, lets move to what their scholarships are. Firstly is that they have two of them. Below we sum them up.

The Special Education Scholarship

This disability financial aid scholarship is for those who are just majoring in special education. You do not need to have a disability to apply to this award, but you must be majoring in special education. Applicants must submit their essays explaining why they choose the field of study in special education; and how will you make a difference in the lives of the disabled. The awards is for $500.00 and the application deadline is August 1st, 2016.

The Disabled Student Scholarship

Students who are suffering with an existing disability can only apply to this disabilities scholarship; but they must presently be enrolled in college. A physician must provide a letter confirming all student disabilities. This award is also for $500.00 too, and deadline is the same as above. Students must provide an essay which describes how you overcame an obstacle or hardship you were confronted with. Also explain its impact on your life and how this changed you to handle future obstacle’s.

Disability Care Center Scholarships Essay Requirements

Essays are to be between 500 – 1500 words. The essay is the item that scholarship judges will base their decisions on so make it clean. They will be looking for an essay that has quality content, original, that has a writing style to it, and provide some research if necessary.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Care Center Scholarships

All applicants must be enrolled in a US college at least full time (12 credit hours) for the upcoming school semester, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher with one letter of recommendation from a creditable person or source and a US resident.

You can go online to apply at Disability Care Center Scholarships.

When it comes to easy to apply disability scholarships, the DCC scholarships are one of the easiest to summit your application.

If you fit the guidelines, then start your application online now!



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  1. LaShea Whitaker says:

    I have a child in college. I have multiple sclerosis and need help and assistance to applying to this scholarship or any help at all I would like to speak to somone if could

  2. admin says:


    go to disability scholarships for disabled parents. Also search for organizations or Foundations which provide support for your type of disability. Many times they do have educational awards which you may apply to.

  3. Merinda George-Jones says:

    I have a daughter who since middle school with migraines. Just found out less than two weeks ago that she had a brain tumor which required emergency surgery. Are there any scholarships available to her?

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