Depression Scholarships for Disability

Depression Scholarships for Disabilities

Depression Scholarships

You may be thinking that there is no such thing as “depression scholarships,” but you would be wrong. There are special foundations across the country that sponsors disability scholarships and monetary awards to particular individuals that are suffering from some form of depression. Depression can be a killer. Thousands of people; young and old a like; commit suicide every year. Many of these foundations work diligently to give those prospect students suffering with bouts of depression, hope for the future. Just because someone is suffering from depression  does not mean they should be without some financial support when it comes time to go to college.

Those dealing with depression do have educational opportunities. There are groups and sponsors that offer support and assistance. One of those outstanding groups is the Anika Foundation. They offer the Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarships annually. The number of winners and the amount they are awarded varies from year to year.

Another group that offers gay scholarships for depression is the Santa Fe Chapter of PFLAG, which are the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. This group has been dedicated to awarding depression scholarships of as much as $15,000 for those young people who are suffering from depression. In just over 2 years the group has already awarded $150,000 in gay scholarships. Lesbian and Gay teenagers suffer a significant amount of the depression that haunts our youth.

One more group that offers a depression type scholarship to assist those in need with furthering their education is. Here they offer the Davidson Scholarship. It is generally an award of $400 to $800. This disability scholarship is geared more towards those who seek to teach in the field of mental health.

There are not an abundance of scholarships for depression available; but there is definitely some help available. There are many disabilities scholarships that do not specifically award for depression; but that depressed people could still apply for and win. Depression is an illness that must be treated. Once in treatment, these individuals can chase the American dream of achieving a college education with vigor.

If you are suffering from depression and are wondering if there is assistance for you; please begin with some of the links I have provided. The Internet is a great place to search for anything you may need. It is also recommended that you check with the admissions office of any educational facility that you may be interested in; to see if they offer any assistance programs. Depression could qualify you for Pell Grants or other financial assistance from the government. You can also speak to those who work in the field of mental illness; they may have connections to possible assistance programs. The important thing is that you don’t give up on looking for disability scholarships for depression.



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11 Responses

  1. robby says:

    how can i get help.from kenya

  2. admin says:


    you must set an appointment with the FinAid office at Texas State University to find out if he may be eligible for student aid of some kind. This would be the only way to find out. Since he has a documented disability then he can apply to just about any general disability scholarship. Read up on unknown scholarships which have ideas on student aid that many do not think about.

  3. Cecily says:

    I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder then later diagnosed with Depression. I had trouble with school due to my medication and disorders…but now that I’m comfortable with my medication and am receiving treatment, I’m finally able to be the type of student (from C’s and F’s, to A’s and B’s) that colleges ideally want. But because of my past grades (due to my battles with depression…) I’m afraid colleges won’t see me as a good student and will reject me for something I couldn’t control.

    And now I am seeking a scholarship to help me.

  4. admin says:


    read about twitter scholarships and average scholarships, and more scholarships for average students. As a very good last resort go to student loans without cosigner needed.

  5. ashley says:

    my name is Ashley. I have a depression disorder and MS. Anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated. Thank You in advance.

  6. Karen says:

    I have just recently been diagnosed with Trichotilliamania and was wondering how come they don’t have a scholarship for that

  7. admin says:


    read about Trichotillomania scholarships. This is the only place I know which may assist you for student financial aid.

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