Breast Cancer Scholarships


Breast Cancer Scholarships

There are specified scholarships for nearly every demographic and student circumstance imaginable. Being affected by breast cancer is a life challenger that is honored by many specific scholarships for breast cancer and breast cancer survivor scholarships. One large national breast cancer scholarship is funded by The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation which awards breast cancer scholarships both to high school seniors and current college students (under 25 years old) who have lost a parent to breast cancer or who were themselves diagnosed with the disease by the age of 25 years old. They award up to seven breast cancer scholarships yearly to US citizens who will attend a state college or university in their home state and students must have maintained at least a 2.8 GPA. These seven cancer scholarships can be up to $10,000 dollars every year for four years. The application deadline is early in the year due to the number of applicants. It is in January of every year.

The Charlotte Campus Breast Cancer Awareness Scholarship awards an undergraduate or graduate student a full tuition scholarship to a physical University of Phoenix campus location or for the online program. Students must be a resident of North Carolina.

The PinkRose Foundation Inc. strives to make education more affordable for students who have suffered the loss of a parent or legal guardian due to breast cancer. $1,000 scholarships are available to US or permanent residents who have graduated from high school. The deadline for application is August 31. Scholarship applications are available at The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Scholarship Program is available to students in El Dorado County, California whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer in their immediate family. The deadline for the $1,000 awards is usually in March.

The MaryEllen Locher Foundation offers a national breast cancer survivor scholarship to children who have suffered the loss of a parent to breast cancer or whose parent is a breast cancer survivor. The cancer scholarship may be awarded for up to four years to a student but must be reapplied for yearly. Scholarship amounts may vary. Applications must be received by January 15 every year to be eligible for the award.

The Coalition Against Breast Cancer Scholarships are awarded to multiple students who currently have or have had a parent suffering from breast cancer. The deadline for the $1,000 scholarships is July 31 and applicants must have a 2.5 GPA or greater.

The website Children of Breast Cancer has a list of scholarships for students affected by this cancer. Scholarships are at least $1,000 and have varying deadlines.

The Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Scholarship is for women currently living with breast cancer. The $500 scholarship is meant to help and encourage survivors to gain further education. Studies have shown that more educated individuals have a higher percentage of remission. This scholarship is one of the first to be offered to women currently living with breast cancer to encourage women to learn new skills to help themselves and their families. Students must be taking classes in Ventura County, California, but look for more such scholarships in your area.

There are also several foundations which award scholarships to students wanting to research breast cancer or pursue postgraduate education in the field. Some of these include The Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation which funds scholarships up to $30,000 per year for a maximum of three years. The application deadline is in late June or early July. The Cancer Research Society, Inc., The Cancer Research Foundation of America, and the Cancer Research Institute all also offer similar scholarships and links for these can be found on the FinAid website.

Individuals who have been impacted by breast cancer should also obviously apply for general cancer scholarships. Many of these are awarded and broken down by geographical location and some colleges are given money specifically for students who find themselves at a financial disadvantage due to debilitating illness of a caregiver, so students should specifically ask their high school counsellors or college financial aid office about monetary awards which fall in this category. All students should investigate federal grants and other general scholarships, as well as specific scholarships that pertain to personal circumstances, like those targeting students impacted by breast cancer.



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