AMBUCS Scholarships for People with Disabilities

Scholarships for People with Disabilities

AMBUCS Scholarships for People with Disabilities

AMBUCS scholarships for people with disabilities have some nice health therapy awards for those students looking for help to pay for their college. Going back to 1955 AMBUCS  have been granting disability students money for college.

AMBUCS is a not for profit service organization devoted to building mobility & independence for disabled people.This is all accomplished by performing numerous community service projects in order to improve the lives of people with disabilities, equiping them with AmTryke therapeutic tricycles allowing disabled people to get around in there own specialized disability bike, and awarding scholarships to therapy students in their junior senior year of a bachelor’s degree program, or a graduate program leading to a master’s or doctoral degree.

AMBUCS presently has 5,500 members in 130 chapters in over 30 states! If your a AMBUCS member you have access to professional, service and social benefits.

There are National Programs and Committees which ensure that members are all properly represented in all geographic locations.

National conferences are also held once a year where presidents are elected in keeping with their charter rules.

Research Opportunities are also available from AMBUCS and AmTryke LLC in regards to research on the AmTryke therapeutic tricycle along with its accessories as a starting point for a graduate-level research project.

AMBUCS Disabilities Scholarships Highlights

Over the years, 8 million has been awarded to 14,495 students looking for degrees in occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing audiology, and speech pathology & audiology.

Each year $150,000 is given out in scholarships for disabled people.  Awards range from $500 to $1,500, although one $6,000 grant is presented to a student to use over two years.

To apply; one must be in an accepted in an accredited program by the appropriate health therapy profession authority in any of the above mentioned fields of study.

Being a US citizen and financial need, commitment to community, character for compassion & integrity along with career plans are taken into consideration for the AMBUCS Disabilities Scholarships.

Applications can be turned in between February 18th – April 15th each year.

AMBUCS is a great organization doing great things for people with disabilities, and they offer a top rated scholarship program for disabled students looking to study in the health therapy profession.

Occupational Therapy Facts
  1. Occupational therapist, commonly called (OT), is a health professional responsible for helping patients regain their ability to perform daily living & work activities.
  2. Their patients have generally lost these abilities because of mental, physical, developmentally or emotionally disabling conditions.
  3. An occupational therapist is one member of a rehabilitation team that may also include a physical therapist, speech pathologist, psychologist and social worker.
Apply now to the AMBUCS scholarships if this seems to be the right educational fit!



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