Disability Scholarships in Canada

disability scholarships in canada

Disability Scholarships in Canada

For those with physical challenges living in Canada, disability scholarships in Canada can provide much needed resources and financial assistance. Or, you may want to have a career helping/working with disabled people but do not have a particular disability themselves.

When searching the many Canadian disability scholarships, pay careful attention to make sure that that the province the disability scholarship is for, is the province you live in. To be eligible for any Canadian scholarships or bursaries in general, you must be a resident of that particular province, otherwise you cannot apply. Also, just as critical is paying special attention to the scholarship criteria about what level of education the applicant has such as Masters, PhD or undergraduates only allowed to apply.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

This Canadian disability scholarship program is based on candidates demonstrating humanitarian service, good citizenship, the pursuit of academic excellence and perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate the pursuit of excellence in amateur fitness and health and sport. This disability scholarship is awarded annually and has a value of $4,000.

Toronto Rehab Scholarship in Rehabilitation

This Canada disability scholarship is awarded by Toronto Rehab to graduate students with disabilities. All applicants for the scholarship must have plans for enrolling in a graduate program that is rehab related and which leads to either a master’s degree or doctoral degree at McMaster University, University of Toronto, Ryerson, Waterloo, York or WilfredLaurier.

Arid Scholarship

This disability scholarship in Canada is specifically for students who are entering their first year of study and who have physical disabilities. Students must also be enrolled full-time. There are two awards issued annual. The awards are worth $2,500 each.

Lilly-MDAO Moving Lives Forward Scholarship

This scholarship program provides for six Canadian disability scholarships to students from across the province of Ontario. Eligibility requirements include having a mood disorder. The goal of the program is to assist recipients in resuming their studies and moving on to achieve their goals through the provision of financial assistance.

The Mar Chenier Memorial Award

This disability scholarship in Canada is also known as the Nipissing University Award and is presented to two students who take at least three courses and who are in good academic standing. Applicants should be a special needs student who has demonstrated courage and persistence in pursuing their studies, a student who assists a special needs person in the community or on campus or a student who has raised awareness regarding the special needs community. All applications should be submitted by no later than October 15th.

GE Foundation Canada Scholarships for Disabilities

This scholarship is awarded annually and is worth $4,000. Recipients are awarded the scholarship for their second, third and fourth years during their undergraduate study. Students who receive the scholarship will also receive an opportunity in which they can be mentored by a business leader in Canada.

AUCC Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities

The goal of this scholarship is to encourage students in Canada with disabilities who have an interest in obtaining their undergraduate degree. Up to ten Canada disability scholarships are awarded each year. Each scholarship is worth $5,000 CDN.

NEADS Equity through Education Scholarships

This program was originally started in 2006 with the goal of creating equitable opportunities for students with disabilities. All applicants are required to be post-secondary students. Up to four Canadian disability scholarships are awarded through this program annually. Awards may be issued in four different categories; undergraduate, graduate, professional and college/CEGEP.

Roy Cooper Scholarship

This disability scholarship in Canada is awarded to a high school student who has a documented learning disability and who is entering college or university in a physical sciences or engineering program. The scholarship is worth $10,000. All applications for the Canadian scholarship should be submitted by no later than May 30th.

The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship Program

This disability scholarship is specifically for people with Hydrocephalus and/or Spina Bifida who are residents of Ontario and who are in pursuit of a higher education. $500 is awarded to college students and $1,000 is awarded to university students.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities in Canada

Students who have disabilities and who are Ontario residents may wish to apply for a Special Opportunity Grant or Canada Study Grant. The grant is made available through the Canada Student Loans Program as well as the OSAP Bursaries for Students with Disabilities. Applications for this Canadian bursary program can be obtained through the student awards offices and disability services offices in Ontario.

Canadian Scholarships for Youths with Disabilities 

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work or the CCRW  will dole out six Canadian disability scholarships all worth $2,500 each to winning students with who are disabled.  The criteria used for this award are that applicants must be:

  • An undergraduate attending a Canadian post secondary college recognized by the AUC of Canada and full time student status.
  • First time recipient of the CCRW Canada disability scholarships.
  • Be permanently afflicted with a long-term and reoccurring disability which will effect the performance of activities required to be involved in educational activities on campus.

Disability scholarships in Canada offer much needed financial assistance and encouragement for students with challenges to help them in meeting their educational and career goals. The above Canadian disability scholarships should be applied to if you fit the scholarship criteria.

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    you must go directly to the website of any scholarship and apply to it. Sometimes we put a link in our articles to click on and it will take you there; other times you must search for them in your favorite internet browser to find the website of the scholarship sponsor. Bottom line is you must apply to scholarships to see if you qualify for them.

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    you must go directly to the website of any scholarship and apply to it.

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