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Disability Scholarships from the University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies (UMInDS) are Awesome!

The disability scholarships from the University of Michigan UMInDS program are specifically for disabled students, and are second to none!


Unusual Deaf Scholarships for Hearing Disabilities by Alexander Graham Bell

Deaf Scholarships for Hearing Disabilities by Alexander Graham Bell


Special Education Scholarships for the Disabled

Special education scholarships for the disabled are provided by New York State Association for Retarded Children (NYSARC).


HIV Scholarships for AIDS

HIV scholarships for AIDS have increased over the past 10 years to where they were once nonexistent to many sponsors helping those afflicted with this disability.


Disability Scholarships for Canadian Students

Disability scholarships for Canadian students are very plentiful at NEADS, which stands for, National Educational Association of Disabled Students.


Disability Scholarships for All Types of Disabilities

There are disability scholarships for all types of specific disabilities, and there are general disability scholarships and graduate disability scholarships.


Disability Scholarships for Financial Aid

There are really nice disability scholarships offered by some new disability related organizations worth looking into. Summary of disability financial aid.


Disability Scholarships for Graduate Students

We normally write about disability scholarships for undergraduates, but there are organizations which offer disability scholarships for graduate students.


Disability Financial Aid in Many Forms

Disability financial aid is more then just disability scholarships. There are organizations providing financial aid for disabled students in many forms.


Disability Scholarships from the Best Sources

Disability scholarships can be found mostly through private organizations which provide support for the particular disability in some way; either by selling products, or a non-profit charitable association of some type. These can be...


Disability Care Center Scholarships

Disability Care Center has essay scholarships which seem to be worth the time to apply to them. Essay scholarships are easy to apply to for many students.


Scholarships for Students with Physical Disabilities

Below are a few notable scholarships for students with physical disabilities. They are high profile awards that should be applied to if you fit the criteria.


Disability Financial Aid for College

Disability financial aid for college come from more places then just a few short years ago when very little existed of scholarships for disabled students.


Disability Scholarships for College from disABLEDperson, Inc

There are disability scholarships for college sponsored by disABLEDperson, Inc that are truly easy scholarships to apply to.


Disability Scholarships from the Elks National Foundation

Disability scholarships can be found from the Elks National Foundation. The program is called the Emergency Educational Grant. It


Scholarships for Students with Disabilities from MSU

Many universities have scholarships for students with disabilities, and Michigan State is no exception. In fact they have disability scholarships that are good.


Scholarships For Students With Disabilities from Fit Small Business

Their are general disability scholarships for disabled Students offered from FitSmallBusiness.com that are worth a look.


Cancer Survivor Disabilities Scholarships for Law

The below disabilities scholarships are for those looking to major in law and who is also a cancer survivor. These types of cancer scholarships are favorites of ours.


Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

Scholarships for Disabled Nurses can be found at ExceptionalNurse.com. This website originally started as a grass roots effort to assist disabled nurses in any way possible.


Rise Scholarships for Students With Learning Disabilities

The Rise scholarships for students with learning disabilities are perfect for those disability students who have a learning disability or diagnosed with ASD.


AMBUCS Scholarships for People with Disabilities

AMBUCS scholarships for people with disabilities have some nice awards for those students looking for help to pay for their college.


Incight Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

If you are a disabled student looking for student aid, you will want to apply to the Incight Scholarships for students with a disabilities.


Intellectual Disabilities, Scholarships and Federal Student Aid are Changing for the Better

Their are many students with an intellectual disability seeking scholarships and student financial aid who now have a really good chance of getting.


Scholarships for Disabilities from Many Places

Below are a few scholarships for disabilities from many different sponsors of disability scholarships which may strike a cord for someone reading this.


Illinois State University Scholarships for Disabled Students

Illinois State University scholarships for disabled students are provided through donors and sponsors irrespective of their ability or disability status.