College Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

College scholarships for students with disabilities can help a great many people attend school a lot easier. There are hundreds of thousands of people in our country today that suffer from some form of disability. Many foundations, organizations, and companies have set up specific monetary rewards that can help these individuals attain a high quality of life by attending college through various types of scholarships for the disabled. Disability scholarships are not sparse. There are plenty out there for those who take the time to look and apply.

When applying for a disability scholarship it is important to remember a few things that will apply to all programs. In any situation, scholarships need to be applied for. If you don’t apply for the disabilities scholarships, then you can never be awarded with it. Most disability scholarships can be obtained fairly easily if you simply follow the application instructions exactly. While some instructions are more complex, others are quite simple. Remember, if you need help filling out forms or coming up with documentation, do not hesitate to ask. Your future may depend on if you get the scholarship or not.

There are many different scholarships for disabilities that can easily be attained by individuals who need them to pay for college. It is important to start looking at what’s available before an individual plans to start school. Some scholarships will have to be applied for when the student in still in high school, while others need to be applied for while the student is in college. Gathering information is always the best first step to take.

For those who have learning disabilities, the Anne Ford Scholarship has learning disability scholarships which provides ten thousand dollars to a deserving high school senior. This money can be used to pursue any field of study at any accredited institution. For those with specific disorders, there are many specific disability scholarships available.

The American Council for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind are two organizations that provide blind college scholarships for students with disabilities that suffer with some type of visual impairment. Award amounts vary depending on the program that a student applies for, but all scholarships in this area require proof and documentation of legal blindness.

There are various different disability deaf scholarships available to students who are deaf or near deaf. The Minnie Pearl program offers money to high school seniors that are in a mainstream school system while dealing with deafness.

The Alexander Graham Bell Association also offers hearing scholarships for college students with hearing disability impairments wishing to pursue a college degree.

Various organizations offer college money to students who have psychological disabilities. Many local autism groups are proud to offer college autism scholarships to students with documented autism. Likewise, there are many groups that offer schizophrenia scholarships for students that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The Lilly Schizophrenia Reintegration Scholarship is one example.

Physical impairments can place a great deal of strain on a student who wished to attain a college degree. For this reason there are many scholarships available to those with these diseases and disorders. The Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation provides money for students with this condition. They offer Cystic Fibrosis Scholarships for students who suffer from this condition.

No matter what the disability is, there are specific grants scholarships for the disabled that can help a student attain their goals. A college degree can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of life. This is why these college scholarships for students with disabilities are so important to those who receive them each year.

*Basic guidelines for disabilities scholarships

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  1. Modou Jawo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a young Gambian national age twenty-four (24). The Gambia is West Africa. I am a disable, who walked with two crutches. Despite of my physical disability, I am very much interested in education. As a lame, I believed education is the only means that can give me strengths. I believed through education I can fend for my self, these believed makes me work hard, and comes out with the best result since the start of my education.

    I have the opportunity to study for an academic degree in the United State of America. I have been accepted by Palomar College in San Marcos, California to study for a three (3) years Associate Degree, majoring in Computer and Information Sciences, commencing August 2009.

    As a young man who has a disability and from a poor family, I cannot pay the costs of tuition and living expenses.

    I am therefore seeking financial support through your office for the payment of the necessary expenses to permit me to accept this educational opportunity. I believe that I would gain skills and knowledge in studying this program and I could development these skills and knowledge to other disable people in the future.

    The details of costs involved are estimated that it will be $15, 900 (USD) in the I-20 and the acceptance letter send to me from Palomar College.

    I look forward to, and hope for a positive response from your august office.

    Yours faithfully

    (Mr.) Modou Jawo

  2. admin says:


    ‘congradulations’ on your acceptance at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. This is special and you should be proud you were accepted!
    You must first contact this college to see if you eligible for a scholarship because of your disabilities. Contact the financial aids office either by mail or phone to see what disability programs they have. They may have something imediately for you. You may have some of your options denied if your not a US citizen. But inquire into disability scholarships and study abroad scholarships too at htis college. Study abroad scholarships are looked at differently, and citizenship may not matter.
    You can always check the college search engine which I recommend here: Student Loan Scholarships and click on the link ‘Find Free College Money’. Fill out all the requested information to see if there is some type that you qualify for.
    Also go to the Global Student Loan Corporation and read up here and contact them to see if they can assist you too.
    Contact us with what you might of come up with in case there is someone else like you who needs help and post it here.

  3. Jerron Herman says:

    To Whom it may concern:

    Mr. Jawo’s comment has dispelled my sense of an anonymous website’s rigidity. Thank you for your kind regard to his situation. My name is Jerron Herman and I too am in financial despair. I was diagnosed with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy when I was three months old, however at 18 I am hard pressed to find a scholarship for college students with CP. I’ve contacted the office and they are without the right resources. I was accepted to NYU and I desperately want to attend. Unfortunately my parents are without the resources as well. I was hoping the site could offer unconsidered options for me. Thank you.
    Jerron Herman

  4. admin says:

    look into disability scholarships at “other” colleges you also would like to attend. Target all the colleges you wouldn’t mind going to and call them (speak to the financial aids office). Ask them about their disability scholarship or disability financial assistance programs to help pay for college. Then, the ones which seem promising, go there to get the required paperwork (or have them mail it to you) to fill out and return, or have them email it to you.
    Also, go to:
    try first here at student loan scholarships, and click on the link ‘Find Free College Money’ to see what scholarships you may be eligible for as a quick first step. This is a free service that is easy to use. Make sure you indicate your disability when answering the questions.

  5. steph :P says:


    I was looking at your scholarships for those with Learning Disabilities… the Anne Ford scholarship was suggested… while this may apply to some, this scholarship refuses to accept ADD as a LD. As a highschool student that suffers from this condition, I assure you it is in fact disabling ESPECIALLY as far as academics are concerned. Do you know of any OTHER scholarship opportunities a little less closed-minded? Or one for ADD students?

    still can’t concentrate,
    Stephanie 🙂

  6. admin says:


    try going to ADHD Scholarships. There’s lots of info on ADD here which should help!

  7. David A. Morales Jr. says:

    My name is David, and I plan to attend college in January 2010.I wish to apply for a scholarship. I will be attending at College of the Sequoias. I wish to achieve a degree in Liberal Arts.{Social Work}. Would you please contact me soon?



  8. David A. Morales Jr. says:

    I Wish to apply for the scholarship, for the year of 2010.




  9. admin says:

    call the College of the Sequoias and make an appointment with a financial aids manager to discuss your disability options for aid since you have your college picked out already. Once your financial application is turned in they can quickly tell your what disability grant/scholarship/aid you qualify for. Also contact the places mentioned in our website to see what assistance they can provide by emailing them or calling them on the phone.

  10. admin says:


    apply directly to each organization mentioned on our website that apply to your disability by calling them or emailing them. They need to get your application to them so they can determine what program you fall into.

  11. Binta says:

    My name is Binta a female of 23yrs old. I ive in the The Gambia, west Africa. I am a hearing disabilty, i use sign language n i love to read because Education is the key to success. I finished my High school n Have a good certificate, i want to go to college but there is no deaf colleges n university in my country. Since i am a deaf, i need to go to a deaf college for a better understanding. I contacted doncaster college for the deaf in Uk n explain my problems to them but they told me that i need to pay for the turtortion fees while am from a broken family. My parents hate me because they think that a deaf person is useless but i as a deaf i accept n respected myself for who i am. I therefore seek any sponsor of scholarship to go to college to learn n help the other disabilities in the world. With regards..

  12. admin says:


    go to deaf scholarships to apply or contact them on the phone to discuss their deaf scholarships program.

  13. ava powers says:

    I needed help in finding someone who can give me Grants for the University of Montana. please help me!!!

  14. admin says:

    if you have a disability then you want to apply for any disability scholarship/grant/financial aid program UM has. I would make an appointment to speak to the fiancial aids manager at UM to see what programs are available for you. You may be a perfect canadate for a Pell grant and don’t even know it. Also there are many programs which UM has that you may sign up for such as a work study program. Look into alternative student loans which work just as well.

  15. Paul says:

    Im a 25 year Male disabled with some college courses . im on diablilty and disabled with schizophrenia and depression im living in savannah georgia right now but i want to go to school in north carolina .i would love to go to school at north carolina a&t state university but because im a out of state student i would have a hard time getting finacial aid for the first year.iam asking for help?

  16. admin says:


    if you have a disability then you want to apply for any disability scholarship/grant/financial aid program in NC with some college of your choice. I would make an appointment to speak to the fiancial aids manager at a college to see what programs are available for you. You may be a perfect canadate for a Pell grant and don’t even know it. Also there are many programs which the college has that you may sign up for such as a work study program. Look into alternative student loans which work just as well.

  17. rahul says:

    i need phygical handicaoed scholarship

  18. admin says:


    go to ChairScholars Foundation Unknown Scholarships for People with Disabilities. Also go to US Department of Education Grants. You must apply for the FAFSA to find out what you may be eligible for. You must make an appointment with the financial aids office to discuss disability scholarship programs.

  19. Aregay Rezene says:

    I am a refugee here in the Sudan ,facing a number of problems like unemployment unstablity .Thus, if you facilitate what i am requesting i could glad.Thank you for your cooperation.

  20. Aregay Rezene says:

    To give an exact image of me , my left leg is disabled as a result of The Bloody War that occured between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  21. admin says:


    contact your state department of education to help with your request.

  22. Patrick Lusire Amalemba says:

    well, am a young deaf Kenyan and a special trained teacher for deaf children. I lost my hearing sense at the ages of 10 years. I have a good academic credentials to enable me advance my studies to the highest peak.

    However, both I and my parents are limited with resources as our begin a case a poor family with my other siblings struggling to remain in school courtesy of well-wishers.

    I want to attain a Diploma and a Degree in Special education in either local or international Institution of advanced learning

    Am in despair of financial inputs to cater for my education as many institutions are willing to admit me yet am short of resource that they cannot provide

    I hope this link will give me best option for my quest.

    Thank You.

    Patrick Lusire Amalemba
    Kenyan Deaf

  23. admin says:


    go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships and more Fulbright Scholarships for disabilities.

    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships

  24. am southern SUDANESE and a refugee in Kenya and also fourth year in university but my friend who was been paying my fees need me to defer for one year due to his financial problem,please help me to complete my last year please and remember am a disable.
    thank you.
    deng khot daniel.

  25. Alpha says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a young healthy Gambian by national age 21. The Gambia is West Africa. I am a deaf , i can communicated with sign langauge . we don’t have hight deaf university in the Gambia i looking support my academic to US base collage like Galladet or any deaf insitution hope to hearing from you soon


  26. admin says:


    these are my top choices for you. You should search more for international scholarships or international student aid too!

    Go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships and more Fulbright Scholarships for disabilities.

    Go to the government disability student aid website and read up as much as you can to help with your particular situation. No cosigner student loans may also work for you too if you need them in the end.

  27. Lionnel Koudjo Dzimson says:

    Am Lionnel Dzimson and am a man of the twenty-one years old. It is really that i am deaf of the disabled with person. Scholarship for disabled students must be made online in your contact with me.

  28. Olivia seamans says:

    I am a high school senior with epilepsy and visual restrictions. I can’t drive and prefer not to take drugs for epilepsy. I have prepared for university but funds are not there. Parents don’t know where to start for grants. The best school in our city for my major is also the highest tuition will that keep me from getting help or should I enroll in cheepest school around due to depending on grant and scholarships? Do I need to be enrolled befor applying? Thank you

  29. admin says:


    go to high school scholarships for seniors to get some great ideas. Read up about FAFSA and FAFSA4caster. Enroll in any school which you can get aid from whether or not tuition is high. Contact the best college for you and sit down with the FinAids officer NOW!!! to discuss all your student aid options.

  30. Tammy Morts says:

    I have been searching different companies to see who is in support of Children with ADHD, and is offering a Collage Scholarship program, along with the amounts your company funds to a person that is in need of financial help and has the desire to go to collage.

    What is the criteria? and Who is the contact person?

    Thank you, so much
    Tammy Morts

  31. admin says:


    go to learning disabilities scholarships and you may want to contact the companies discussed via their contact webpage to inquire about what you are looking for.

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