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Disability Scholarships for Financial Aid

There are really nice disability scholarships offered by some new disability related organizations worth looking into. Summary of disability financial aid.


Disability Scholarships for College from disABLEDperson, Inc

There are disability scholarships for college sponsored by disABLEDperson, Inc that are truly easy scholarships to apply to.


Unknown Disability Scholarships for Cancer

Unknown disability scholarships for cancer are awarded to benefit individuals who are stricken with leukemia or lymphoma. The Hunter cancer scholarship.


Blinded Veterans Association BVA Scholarship for Disabled

Each and every year for the last twenty-six years, the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) has awarded a total of six essay scholarships for disabled veterans out to spouses or children of blind veterans. These...


ChairScholars Foundation Unknown Scholarships for People with Disabilities

ChairScholars Foundation may have an unknown scholarship opportunity for people with disabilities.These physical disability scholarships are essay scholarships.