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Disabled veteran scholarships.


Disability Financial Aid for College

Disability financial aid for college come from more places then just a few short years ago when very little existed of scholarships for disabled students.


Scholarships for Disabled Nurses

Scholarships for Disabled Nurses can be found at This website originally started as a grass roots effort to assist disabled nurses in any way possible.


Disability Awareness Scholarships from Military VA Loan

The disability awareness scholarship that is provided by Military VA Loan is aimed at supporting those who are disabled and it is awarded on an annual basis.


Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarships

Paralyzed Veterans of America scholarships works to provide disabled veterans scholarships to those who were disabled in the armed forces.


Disabled Veteran Scholarships

Disabled veteran scholarships for those students who served in the US military are worth looking into because the biggest critera has already been met – DAV.


Blinded Veterans Association BVA Scholarship for Disabled

Each and every year for the last twenty-six years, the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) has awarded a total of six essay scholarships for disabled veterans out to spouses or children of blind veterans. These...